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Ryan Jaghab


  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Jacksonville University, Master of Business Administration
  • University of Central Florida, Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology, Cum Laude



  • The Florida Bar
  • Louisiana Bar
  • D.C. Bar
  • Florida Justice Association, EAGLE Member
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
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Ryan Jaghab has more experience in his little finger than most attorneys garner over a career. Ryan’s adept presence in the courtroom is paired with a brilliance for legal strategy. That combination is potent, and a powerful force for good. I’m thankful to have such a prominent attorney as part of the team.”

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Ryan Jaghab

Ryan Jaghab is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney working out of the Farah and Farah office on Adams Street downtown. With a focus on auto accident cases, Ryan capitalizes on his vast experience across many practice areas. From defense work with one of the largest defense firms in Florida to prosecuting cases in the State Attorney’s Office, Ryan has seen and done more than most.

Seeing the impact personal injury cases have on a very individualized level is what drove Ryan to focus all of his strengths into helping victims after an accident. Because he already knows their legal playbook, Ryan isn’t afraid to take on the biggest corporations in court. If you’re tired of getting the runaround after your accident, Ryan Jaghab is exactly the type of attorney you want moving your case across the finish line.

Diversity of Experience Is a Great Tool

I didn’t start my career in personal injury. Actually, far from it. I started off working in the technology sector at Apple in Orlando. They’d eventually move me back to Jacksonville where I saw the opportunity to attend law school and earn my MBA at the same time. I’d thought then that I wanted to go into corporate law, but my career path would veer widely post-graduation.

After leaving law school, I went straight to the State Attorney’s Office where I was trying criminal cases as a prosecutor. The job was amazing and fast-paced, but can be difficult at times working within the bureaucracy. So, I left to go into defense work with one of the largest defense firms in Florida. Defense firms represent big corporations when there’s a case against them. I was doing personal injury like we do here at Farah and Farah, just on the other side of the courtroom.

I came on the plaintiffs’ side when I started representing homeowners in insurance cases for another large firm. That work certainly is gratifying in helping people get everything they are entitled to help repair their home or business property, but I still had a yearning for personal injury.

A Leap of Faith (And Family)

Eddie Farah is my father-in-law and I’m proud to call Chuck, “uncle”. I knew that if I was going to make the leap into personal injury, I wanted to do it with them. From your first days on the job here, you can absolutely feel a family vibe throughout the organization. It’s obvious that everyone cares deeply about their jobs and there is a universal expectation to deliver a great client experience.

I’ve seen a lot in my career in law, but the environment they’ve created at Farah & Farah is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike a lot of other firms which rely on individual efforts, here, we collaborate towards the same goal. What you see on the commercials isn’t flash; it’s who Eddie and Chuck are every day.

I’m a Fighter

What excites me about being an accident attorney is that you actively get to help people go from a terrible situation into a positive one. As their attorney, I get to be with my client every step of the way. I see their struggle and what they have to deal with on a daily basis as a result of their accident. 

Being able to counsel and console them through the process requires that I lead with a steady hand. I help my clients understand what it’s going to take for them to get better. I then charge head on into being their advocate. I’m a fighter. You can call me when you need someone in your court.

I pride myself on being able to see the big picture, on figuring out a case from beginning to end. During the span of my career, I’ve seen countless cases from intake all the way to the settlement table—and straight to court when that’s what it takes to win. Knowing how to do that, how to take one direction over another is vital to my client’s success. I can see how different avenues play out based on the facts and the circumstances, and I know what it takes to win. 

Strategizing Each Day for Maximum Impact

My day begins by meeting with my legal team first thing. We’ll start by setting high priorities for the day. Any client with immediate needs like a callback is attended to right away. Litigation can be slow but I like to touch base regularly with my clients to monitor their progress and address any concerns. 

Being surrounded by a team of legal professionals means we get to strategize and plan out how cases move forward. Taking each day at a high level, I’ll use what I’ve learned from my client follow-ups and updates received from my team to chart the best course through litigation. It’s unfortunate that it often takes litigation to get the other side to present a fair offer. But that’s why we have litigators like me who are capable of bringing a case to a successful resolution.

Every Personal Injury Case Matters

A case I’ll never forget involved a widow who was having trouble during a homeowner’s insurance claim. This woman was known throughout the neighborhood for hosting Sunday get-togethers. But, after a water pipe burst, she wasn’t able to do that. For her, it was devastating. She’d lost her husband and didn’t have any children, so these friends were like her family and the time together was all she looked forward to. 

Her insurance company, in an effort to limit their liability, blamed the water coming through her house on “earth movement” causing the pipe failure which just so happens to be excluded—so, claim denied. The total cost to fix was six-figures-plus. In the meantime, a little old lady didn’t have bathrooms or plumbing. It was a huge disruption to this woman who had lived happily in the same place for 40 years. When this woman called my office to tell me what happened, it was heart wrenching. You expect the insurance company to be cold, but not heartless. They’d put this woman out of house and home, and left her with little hope. 

In the end, we were able to get this deserving woman everything she needed to repair her property and be made whole again. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’d faithfully paid her homeowner’s insurance premiums for decades. And yet, when she needed them most, they deserted her. It was justice, indeed, to make sure she was well taken care of after her ordeal.

Spare Time Means Family Time

I come from a large family here in town and my wife also has a large family here, so get-togethers are both common and loud affairs; but I love spending time with my family. My wife, Tala, and I have a little one on the way and we are very excited to raise him with such a large support system around us. 

When I get those rare moments of downtime, I really enjoy watching tennis. The game is so dynamic that it really draws me in to pretty much any match that’s being played. If I’m not watching the latest action, I’ll probably be playing a match myself or out swinging a golf club instead. Although I have to admit, it’s hard to beat just walking or hanging out on the beach.


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