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Thomas McCoy


  • Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, Juris Doctorate
  • Georgia State University, Bachelors in Business Administration, Managerial Science


  • The Georgia Bar
  • Georgia Court of Appeals 
  • Georgia Superior Court
  • Criminal Law Section of the Georgia Bar
  • Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
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Tommy is one tenacious personal injury attorney. With his background as a State prosecutor, Tommy knows exactly what it takes to build a case from the beginning and carry it successfully across the finish line. Our Atlanta team is lucky to have an attorney that has powerful real-world experience coupled with a go-getter attitude.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Thomas “Tommy” McCoy is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Georgia personal injury attorney representing victims out of our Farah & Farah Atlanta office. Tommy began his career practicing law in one of the toughest environments a lawyer can face—as a prosecutor for the State of Georgia.

Working in what’s known as the Solicitor’s Office, McCoy had to dig deep into the facts of each case and put together a strong legal argument to hold criminals accountable. Now, Tommy uses his exceptional courtroom experience to help accident victims seek every cent they’re entitled to under the law.

The Trust and Support I Receive Here Is Unmatched

When you first walk through the doors of Farah & Farah, you are treated like family. Even in my orientation and training, I felt warmly welcomed as an important member of the team. What’s more, Eddie and Chuck Farah have set up the firm so that every branch still feels very much connected. We have top-notch training and ongoing support from day one that makes it easier for accident attorneys like me to do my job.

Something else that really makes this firm different is the trust they put on individual attorneys. The firm trusts us to use our knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage cases how we see fit. At Farah & Farah, they empower us to do the best we possibly can for each client.

I Used to Prosecute in Traffic Court, Now I Represent the Victim

Coming from the Solicitor’s Office in Cobb County, Georgia to private practice was definitely a change of pace. As a prosecutor, I was holding criminals accountable for their wrongdoings. Transitioning to personal injury, I now represent victims after they’ve suffered from someone else’s negligence.

The roles are similar in that you’re working to ensure justice is done; however, it’s a great honor to now be helping those who could not otherwise help themselves.

Getting Justice for Victims and Their Families

There are very real human costs to every case. My job as an Atlanta car accident attorney is to work with everything I have at my disposal to make sure these costs are accounted for and presented in a way that makes the other side come to the table.

Handling Accident Cases from Different Sides Gives Me More Perspective

In the past, I prosecuted cases in traffic court. That work meant I had to dig deep into each and every accident to determine the facts of the case. Traffic accidents aren’t always simple and clear-cut, especially here in Georgia where we have a legal system that assigns degrees of liability for who caused an accident.

Making the leap to Farah & Farah, I get to put all of my previous experience to good use. Now, I’m looking at car crashes through a different lens and representing those hurt in accidents so they can get the fair compensation they deserve.

Bridging the Legal Knowledge Gap Is What I Do Best

When you’re hurt in a car accident or something like a slip and fall at a place of business, most people don’t really know who to call or what to do. Let’s face it, the legal world is full of jargon that can make it seem unapproachable. Something I do really well is boil down the high-level “legalese” into easy-to-understand terms for my clients.

Knowledge is power and my clients need to know exactly what each step in the process is so they can make the best decisions. As a counselor, I act like a co-pilot, giving my clients advice based on their situation. I always aim to be open and approachable with my clients so they feel at ease throughout the process.

Relentlessly Fighting for Georgia Car Accident Victims

Whenever I take on a case, I am in it to win it. Period.

I have a competitive nature in me which makes me put everything I have into each and every case I undertake. Your accident attorney needs to be relentless because the other side is going to work hard to downplay everything you’ve been through. When I put together a strong case that has all the facts and evidence to back up our claims, it’s impossible for the insurance company to ignore us.

Where You’ll Find Me Around Town on the Weekend

I give every case my all because Georgia is my home too. I love living and working in Atlanta because there is never any shortage of things to do. If it’s the weekend, you’ll likely find me and my pug dog Suki around town or just catching a UFC fight on TV. I love to frequent local breweries like New Realm Brewing where I can relax and take in the great vibes our city has to offer.