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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of South Sewanee, Bachelor of Arts


  • Florida Bar
  • The Jacksonville Bar Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Florida Justice Association
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In working alongside Frank, this is what I’ve realized: Frank is an excellent legal writer. He has written opinions that have been upheld by the highest courts in Florida. He has those skills that can’t be taught…which have helped him consistently secure positive results for his clients.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Frank Fratello

Frank Fratello is a premises liability and auto accident attorney at the Jacksonville office. Frank was drawn toward a career helping victims of these types of accidents because it allows him to represent clients who oftentimes face significant legal barriers without an attorney.

Helping clients see a future that’s as close to being made whole as possible allows Frank to fight for the maximum compensation available. This tenacious attitude towards getting his clients everything they deserve has provided Frank with a tremendous track record of successful cases.

How to Be a Tenacious, Client-First Attorney

Being an auto accidents and premises liability attorney is hands-down my favorite job ever. After putting in the hard work and a lot of late nights, I’m proud to have graduated in the top 5% of my class from Florida Coastal School of Law. This experience taught me that you never stop fighting to get the results you want.

I take this same attitude with me to work at Farah and Farah every day. I love that Eddie and Chuck are here everyday, literally 50 feet away from my desk. These guys exemplify what client-first is all about by giving lawyers like me the autonomy to handle cases as I see fit. They never put a limit on how hard I’m able to work on a case. This gives me the freedom to utilize my strengths within a corporate culture that places a huge emphasis on accessibility.

Case Resolved: Getting Clients Better & Seeking Maximum Compensation

I love coming to work because every case has a unique problem that I get a chance to solve. The first thing I do with my injured clients is to reach out to our network of doctors to help get them to the right people to make them better. Resolving a case means we address the human costs, as well as the financial. This all starts with medical management. Showing my clients a future where they’re able to get as close to better as possible is where I begin. 

When my client gets better and receives all the compensation they deserve, this is me delivering on my promise to deliver the most favorable outcome possible.

National Experience, Local Focus

Growing up in New York, I loved playing soccer more than anything. I idolized Liverpool Football Club and still watch as many matches as I can. After getting my bachelor’s degree from the University of South Sewanee in Tennessee, I came down to Florida to attend Florida Coastal School of Law here in Jacksonville. I thrived under the tough curriculum and the world-renowned professors that pushed me to be more. 

As an editor of the Florida Coastal Law Review, I got a chance to put what I was learning to use in researching and publishing opinions on pertinent cases. This experience would serve me well as I worked on a published opinion on the case of Brown vs RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in the 11th Circuit. This landmark case allowed people who were injured by cigarette smoke to receive the fair compensation they deserve. 

Outside of work, you’ll find me busy on my property in Nassau County or taking my kids to one of our favorite spots in town, the Jacksonville Zoo. Living in Nassau, I actually have a pretty long commute into work but I don’t mind because the driving time gives me plenty of time to plan out my day and strategize my cases.