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Joshua Kopp


  • University of Wisconsin Law School, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Tampa, Bachelors of Science, Criminology, Minor in Sports Management, Cum Laude



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Joshua Kopp holds a tremendous depth of experience in litigation and has a long list of great wins for his clients, yet he is also incredibly positive and helpful with the entire team. It is his client-first approach that exemplifies everything we seek to do at Farah and Farah and a testament to his nature both as a person and as an accomplished attorney.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Joshua Kopp

Joshua Kopp is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Tampa and specializes in both auto accidents and premises liability cases, which include accidents like slip and falls. Joshua has a tremendous level of experience in taking accident cases successfully to court, as well in the earliest stages of case management. Having this total picture for how a case develops from beginning to end helps Joshua secure the best possible outcome for each and every case he undertakes.

I’ve Worked At Another Big Firm, And Farah and Farah is Definitely Special

In my past experience, I was working at one of the biggest law firms in the U.S. There I did all litigation cases and exclusively auto accidents. This was a great learning experience but the atmosphere at the mega firms is not really what I wanted to be in for the long term.

Coming to Farah and Farah was totally different than everything I’d experienced before. It’s an incredibly positive environment, where the whole team is truly helpful. Not only that, but there really is a team of other top-tier attorneys here that always have my back. As a team we want to be the best for the clients. With that kind of positivity and helpfulness present from day one, we really can capitalize on our collective strengths rather than relying on an individual effort. I’ve got to say that the culture here at Farah and Farah makes it a much nicer place to work, which translates into a better experience both personally and for our clients.

Years of Experience in Litigating Accident Cases Means I Know This Job

I’ve worked both sides of a personal injury case which is pre-litigation, before a case goes to trial, as well as litigation when it’s actually tried in the courts. Most cases will settle before having to go to court which is actually a good thing so that clients can get a recovery faster. However, every good accident attorney needs to be ready to take a case all the way to trial when that’s what it takes to get everything their client deserves.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the courtroom so I really understand this aspect of the case. Having this complete picture of how a case progresses from start to finish is a real advantage when it comes to formulating effective legal strategies and managing a case well.

Bettering People’s Lives After an Accident is a Priority

I truly love that being a personal injury attorney in Tampa means that I get to help people out of a bad situation. Often, after an accident is the worst moment of my clients’ lives. I get to be there as a person and as a legal counselor to help people get through difficult aspects of the case. There can be a lot of emotions and helping my clients to see the whole picture by describing what’s going to happen and how we can progress their case makes for better results.

I’m good at taking difficult situations and finding solutions for moving a case forward. This is a skill they don’t really teach in law school and one I’ve learned by having a lot of tough cases come my way. Some clients have been turned down by other law firms or are tired of their cases just sitting so they come to me. I love that I’m able to use my experience to find answers and get cases moving again.

One of the most important aspects of any case is when we start talking about a fair and final settlement. When you get a settlement, there are usually a lot of medical bills that can take away from the amount a client ends up receiving. That’s why I always seek to get reductions from medical providers to truly maximize the recovery we’re able to secure. Helping people come out the other side better takes a full effort across the board, which is something I do with every case I handle.

I Am Very Much Your Local Tampa Accident Attorney

After spending my undergrad years here at the University of Tampa, I absolutely fell in love with the area. My wife and I walk our dog through Hyde Park just about every day and I love taking in all of the trees and historical architecture in the surrounding neighborhoods. Doing even just a little good in my professional role as an attorney here really makes me feel like I’m giving back to a community that I have really grown to love. 

When I’m not at the Farah and Farah Tampa office and it’s football season, you can be sure that I’ll be catching my home team, the Green Bay Packers, whenever they play. 


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