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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Georgia Southwestern, Bachelor’s of Science, Accounting


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Walt has one of the most critical roles in our entire firm and he performs it admirably. His unique background and impressive experience are paramount in providing our clients the best experience possible from the very start.

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Walt Unfricht focuses his efforts as an intake attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. As one of the very first attorneys to have eyes on every case that comes through our doors, Walt plays a critical role in helping victims build a strong case from the very start.

Utilizing a background steeped in personal injury litigation and insurance defense, as well as across multiple practice areas including contract and tax law, real estate law, and estate planning, Walt has the impressive breadth of experience needed to evaluate the incredible array of cases our firm sees every day.

Our Team Reviews Every Case That Comes in the Door

At Farah & Farah, our team handles a wide range of cases. From slip and falls and car accidents to getting hurt at work and dog bites, our intake team has to be well-versed in how to handle the many calls and visits coming to our offices. As an intake attorney, I help make sure that there’s an attorney reviewing each and every case that comes in to ensure we can help potential clients with their specific needs.

Sometimes we have walk-ins that need to meet with an attorney right away and my team handles cases like these too, but often we’re simply helping review and evaluate cases that come in. We help manage folks’ expectations so they can have a clear direction when they come to us. If the details of the case don’t quite match up with what we’re able to provide, we’ll tell people that from the get-go. That’s just part of who we are and how we operate at Farah & Farah.

Intake Attorneys Rely on the Farah & Farah Total Team Approach

I love working in intake because even if I have a hundred car accident and slip and fall cases come in during the course of a single day, no two cases will be the same. There are so many variables at play that it takes all of us working together to effectively evaluate and counsel our potential clients on the best path forward.

Our intake specialists are some of the best legal professionals around and they do a tremendous job of gathering the details from that very first client interaction. However, our team of intake attorneys reviews every potential client’s file to determine if we can help, and we’ll often rely on roundtable discussions in these cases to leverage the strength of the entire team. I love that I have other top-tier attorneys to work with in order to provide our very best efforts with each and every client that contacts Farah & Farah with a question about their potential case with us and the process of getting them onboard and signed up with our team.

Injured people are often scared, anxious, missing work, and have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Our priority is explaining the process and providing them with peace and comfort knowing they have a knowledgeable attorney reviewing their case from the very start and making sure they get to the right place to have the right attorney care for them.

My Diverse Background Makes Me a Better Attorney

During law school, I actually worked as a law clerk for an insurance defense team. That means I was on the other side helping the insurance company avoid any liability whenever a claim was brought against them. From there and upon graduating from law school, I worked in business and contract litigation, personal injury, real estate law, tax law, and even estate planning.

Having such a diverse background in different areas of the law means I have a huge reservoir to pull from with each case I’m helping evaluate. Because I’ve seen and done so much in my legal career, I can help put the pieces together and give each client a fair and honest assessment of the options they may have available and if we are able to assist them with their specific needs.

The Opportunity To Help People Is What It’s All About

I love that my role allows me the opportunity to help people in tough situations and provide them with peace and support. My desire is to help manage expectations and show clients that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every day, I help our clients know they’re not alone and that there’s a team that cares about them. The human element of getting to know people during that very first conversation is something I truly value in my day-to-day. I’m passionate about helping our clients improve their situations and ensuring they understand that they are not at fault; they are simply victims of their circumstances.

Something I truly excel at is pairing my strong analytical skills and ability to pick up on the nuances of a case, with empathizing and meeting people where they are. Coming from South Georgia, I love relating to individuals from all walks of life, whether through music, sports, or personal experiences. That connection is vital to establishing trust and providing the best experience possible to put potential clients’ minds at rest.

Weekends Are for Family, Sports, and the Great Outdoors

In my downtime, I love sports of all kinds but I’m particularly fond of watching or playing soccer. My favorite team is Chelsea F.C. in the Premier League, but if it’s American football season you can be sure I’ll be watching the Jacksonville Jaguars and the FSU Seminoles. Coming from Georgia, I’m also partial to the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves, but I love my adopted Florida teams just as much.

If we’ve got some extra time, my wife, Jessie, my son, Kai, and my springer spaniel, Didi, love heading out to local gems like Guana State Park to surf, throwing the tennis ball to Didi, and just enjoying being outside. We also love taking weekend trips to get away to the mountains for some hiking and backpacking.