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  • Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor’s of Science, Accounting


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
  • First District Court of Appeals
  • Florida Justice Association
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When push comes to shove, Arlen Weintraub is the attorney you want handling your personal injury case. His winning track record for accident victims and their families is indeed impressive; yet, it’s his ability to connect deeply with what the victim has experienced and translate that into a winning legal strategy that sets him apart.

Chuck Farah
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Arlen Weintraub is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney practicing out of the Farah and Farah offices off West Adams downtown. With an incredible tenure in personal injury litigation work, Arlen has the proven track record that those injured in an accident should look for to help get their cases across the finish line successfully. When you’re standing up against the insurance giants, it takes a legal bulldog who isn’t afraid to stand toe-to-toe, and win, for those who cannot take up the fight themselves.

I’ve Spent an Entire Career in Personal Injury

Right out of law school, I went to work as a clerk in a personal injury firm here in Jacksonville and that’s where I’ve focused my career ever since. I’ve worked in a variety of personal injury law firms, but I’ve always been on the litigation side of cases. Litigation is when a case goes to trial and that’s where I truly thrive. I love the battle in the courtroom because we’re up against the other side’s legal team, rather than an adjuster working for the insurance company. I feel like all of my training and experience have taught me how to get on equal footing with even the biggest insurance companies because it’s just us and them in front of the jury in the courtroom.

I love getting to help people navigate the insurance process because I’ve seen it from beginning to end so many times. Insurance companies want to try to not give people the full value of their claims because that’s how they make their money after all. It makes my blood boil that their business model means taking advantage of people who don’t have the legal knowledge to fight what they’re being told. That’s where I come in. I hold the insurance companies accountable for paying what our clients are owed.

Thriving in the Details Is What Makes Great Attorneys

Insurance litigation often comes down to the details. The defense team is trying their best to show that the insurance company isn’t liable for paying the full amount of a claim, whereas I’m there to prove how the evidence says otherwise. I truly excel at helping demonstrate to the jury where the insurance company is liable for a claim and therefore should pay for every penny we’ve shown my client is due under the law.

Details matter in this line of work and I always take a moment early in the day to draw up a game plan. Whether it’s talking to the doctors’ offices or taking depositions, every action is strategic toward maximizing the recovery we’re seeking on behalf of the injured.

Personal Injury Is a Very Personal Business

In personal injury, we’re dealing with a situation where someone’s life was often irrevocably changed after an accident. I’ve handled a great many tough cases in my career, which have both made me a better attorney and also a more empathic human being as I’ve seen firsthand the raw reality of life for accident victims and their families.

One case that will always stick with me was when a young boy died due to the negligence of others. The insurance company not only wouldn’t admit to any wrongdoing, but they also wanted to point the finger solely at the grieving parents who had just lost their son. At the time, my child was the same age as the victim and this case hit close to home. When we fought back and presented a solid case, we were able to secure justice for this family. No amount of money would ever bring back this child, but it was emotionally fulfilling to help bring them some form of closure.

Being Active in the Community & Fighting for Local Victims

When I’m not practicing law, I love hanging out with my family. Just being outside at our backyard pool and BBQ are pretty hard to beat. My wife, Erin, and sons, Logan and Layton, love watching the Jaguars or FSU football together or just casting a line even if we don’t end up catching anything. To be sure, our German shepherd, Odin, is always as close to the action as he can get.

My family and I have always been active in the community as well. One of the places we love to serve is River Garden Senior Services, where the elderly can get the support they need to live as independently as possible despite physical limitations. Another group we love to support is the Legacy Law Enforcement Foundation, which helps support law enforcement officers and their families. I love working at a firm like Farah & Farah that prioritizes community service because that’s what it means to be an effective advocate in my book.