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  • Ave Maria School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Moot Court President
  • University of Utah, Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, minor in philosophy, emphasis on criminology


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • U.S. Supreme Court Bar Member
  • Florida Justice Association
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John Watson is one of those electric personalities you can’t help but like from the moment you meet him. His warm and caring nature is paired with the fierce attitude of an advocate who doggedly fights for every dollar his clients deserve. That combination of legal prowess and genuine empathy for what our clients have endured is rare and the exact traits Eddie and I look for in our attorneys.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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John Watson is an Orlando personal injury attorney accident victims can trust to see their case through to the very end. Having litigated over 500 cases, John has a tremendous amount of first-hand experience in the legal system and in front of a jury, as well as managing large legal teams toward victorious outcomes. However, it is John’s combination of client-first care and judicial know-how that makes him such a force to be reckoned with inside the courtroom. The bottom line is that, if you’re hurt in an accident in Orlando, or anywhere else, John Watson is the experienced accident attorney you’ll want to handle your case.

I Am Driven To Right the Wrongs of Others’ Negligence

Over the course of my career, I have seen many different clients who are suffering due to the negligence of others. Having worked on everything from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, big rig or semi-truck crashes, defective products causing amputation, auto versus pedestrian accidents, TBI or traumatic brain injury cases caused by a DUI defendant driver, and auto disfigurement accidents to dram shop claims (where an establishment overserves alcohol to a known drunkard causing an injury or vehicular death) and auto wrongful deaths, I have been able to receive incredibly large wins for my clients.

One of the cases I will never forget was fighting for a regional trainer and sales manager of a high-end department store. She would travel around Florida training the store management on sales techniques and implementing store policies. She was a dynamic communicator who presented ideas for a living all while dressing the part of this high-end establishment. Sadly, while traveling to one of the store’s locations she was slammed into by a DUI driver. She was stopped on an offramp and the DUI driver was estimated to have impacted her at 70 mph. My client received life-changing injuries, including a traumatic brain injury that caused her to stutter badly and forget words. Her spinal cord was injured and as a result, she received multiple injections and surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage caused by the DUI driver. Over much time and fighting, we were able to secure a very large result for my client. I know that the funds received funded my client’s necessary medical care and lifestyle moving forward as she was no longer able to work.

Farah & Farah Is What I Call a “Goldilocks Firm”

Having spent nearly a decade with another large personal injury firm, as well as several years in the State Attorney’s Office, I can attest that what Eddie and Chuck Farah have created at this firm is special. I call it the “Goldilocks Firm” because it’s right at the sweet spot of what makes our team so effective for our clients.

We are big enough to have the clout and the resources to go toe-to-toe with the insurance giants, yet small enough to still foster a very intimate family feel that trickles from the very top down to each and every attorney, paralegal, and support personnel we employ.

More importantly, that culture permeates into how we serve our clients and allows us to provide you with an accessible, yet highly capable legal team at you disposal to get the maximum compensation available If I have the honor to represent you, you will speak to me directly, not just my staff.

Personal Injury Law Is All About Connections

I began my career in the State Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. I like to call that experience a “residency,” much like a medical doctor’s early training. In that role, younger attorneys are thrust fairly quickly into managing a caseload and trying cases. I can remember being handed a couple of boxes of files when I was still brand new and told to do the research to go try the case. It’s a bit of a trial by fire but overseeing the trial work, appeals, and negotiations with opposing counsel really laid the groundwork for my successful career practicing law.

I’ll admit that I believe I had a bit of an advantage over other, less experienced attorneys because I came into the practice of law a few years older than most. I’d spent my young adult life as a highly successful motorcycle salesman and racer. From that, I learned how to sell myself and how to connect with people. There are subtleties in facial movement, tone, and rhythm that can be recognized to see how people are taking what you’re informing them about. It’s no different from being in front of a jury.

By being magnetic and relatable, knowing the case, and presenting it well, I’ve learned how to help the jury connect with what my client went through and what we’re asking for in order to get the best results possible. It is also how I got the nickname the “smiling assassin” from a well-respected judge I was in front of.

My Day Begins and Ends With My Family

Life with my wife and four sons can be hectic at times and “Team Watson” is almost always on the go but my family is one of my biggest motivators for giving my very best in whatever pursuit I’m undertaking. Whether that’s a Friday date night with my wife or supporting my boys in their sports and scholastic endeavors, it’s all about family. My day typically starts early dropping off my kids at school before heading into the office.

I keep a large dry-erase board next to my desk so that I can map out a plan for each day to maximize the time I have for my clients and pressing issues. Every day is a little different with client meetings, legal writing negotiations, depositions, hearings, and settlements. As a constant, I exercise over lunch. I find that exercise clears my head and helps me be all the more productive. Once the day’s over, it’s again all about spending quality time with my family.

Whether it’s helping with a school project or attending a church event, I make being active and engaged in their lives an absolute priority.