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Casie Barnette is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. Having worked both on the insurance side and now for accident victims, Casie has a high level of insight in how to get the best value possible for her client’s injuries. Considered a top attorney at our firm for case management, Casie is incredibly effective at progressing a case through all the necessary steps towards getting a fair settlement.

My Background In Insurance Gives Me An Edge in the Courtroom

I have done a lot of different things in law and even spent a fair amount of time representing insurance companies early on in my career. While I gained a lot of knowledge on how that side thinks and operates in an accident case, I never truly felt called to defend big corporations. So when I had the chance to start representing accident victims, I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back.


I’m thankful for all of my experience because it helps me build a strong case from the get-go and chart the best path forward given the opposing parties we’re dealing with. Because I’ve been in their shoes, I have absolutely no problem going toe-to-toe with insurance giants. 


Details Matter And I’m Skilled At Managing Every Detail of the Case

I am an incredibly detail-oriented person which makes me a very good manager for my client’s case. I remember details and am able to piece everything together at the right point in the process in order to bring the best benefit. I’ll help you get the best treatment and pursue a fair amount for everything you’re entitled to under the law. 


Whether I’m reviewing your medical records or talking over the details of your case, I want to focus my time on getting to know your case so I can plan our argument for full compensation. Most cases do settle but we always prepare each case as if it needed to go all the way to trial. That means gathering evidence, planning depositions, and never cutting corners as I work to make sure the case is set up to succeed. 


When you put in all of this work upfront, you simply build a stronger case. If we don’t get a fair offer for your case and need to go to trial, your case already has a strong framework in place to move forward, which can save us a lot of valuable time in the legal process.


Proper Medical Management Usually Means Better Results

There’s a case I’ll always remember where my client was driving for a major rideshare company when she was rear-ended in a hit and run accident. The impact pushed her vehicle directly into a telephone pole, instantly totaling her vehicle and giving her a massive brain injury, which left her without any recollection of the accident. 


From the very beginning of taking on this case, I had to be aggressive with the rideshare’s commercial insurance company so they couldn’t get rid of the car before we had our experts look at the damage. You have to be aggressive in this line of work because time is of the essence to both preserve evidence and also get proper medical treatment. Helping my clients get the treatment they need contributes to receiving the best outcome possible for helping them put their lives back together after an accident. 


Accident in Jacksonville? Call Me First

I am a Jax-centric accident attorney where I get to help my community in a place I love to call home. An experience I’ll never forget was when I was able to volunteer with Legal Aid in law school. This service helps connect disadvantaged individuals with pro-bono legal services in the area. I dealt with all walks of humanity and helped people through some truly dark times. This made me realize just how much tangible good an attorney can actually do for people around them. 


When I’m not in the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office, you can probably find me at the beach in some fashion. Whether it’s just taking my dog for a long walk or getting in some biking, there is something truly restorative about the ocean that helps me unwind and refuel. I also am an avid sports fan and will watch pretty much any game that’s on. 


“Casie Barnette is absolutely who I would want as my own attorney if I were in our clients’ shoes. She is incredibly skilled at relating to people and helping clients see the bigger picture of their case from the very beginning. This helps them to better anticipate and overcome any hurdles they face as they move towards resolution. Her depth of experience and stellar track record in total case management are just two tools this multifaceted attorney employs to create the best outcome possible.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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