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Brian Elkins is a personal injury attorney at the Farah & Farah Jacksonville office specializing in both auto accidents and premises liability cases, like a slip and fall. Having started his career working at an insurance defense law firm, Brian knows all the tactics they try to use to minimize full compensation. Now as a plaintiffs’ attorney for injured victims, Brian uses his incredible depth of experience to his clients’ advantage on each and every case. In the end, if you want one of the best premises liability and car accident attorneys Jacksonville has to offer, Brian Elkins is who you need to call.

I Used to Defend the Insurance Company, Now I Fight Them 

When I first graduated law school, I went to work defending a big insurance company. It was a great experience and I learned exactly how they put together a defense to try and minimize payouts. But I quickly realized defending a multi-billion dollar insurance company was not where I wanted to spend my career. 


That’s when I went to the plaintiffs’ side of the courtroom where the everyday person is fighting against those same insurance giants just to get what their policy promises. I love going against the insurance company because I know how they operate and how to put together a solid case to go toe-to-toe. I’ve fully litigated cases and served as a leader in a law firm’s extension office so I know exactly what it takes from start to finish to get my clients everything they deserve. 


I’ve Seen A Lot in My Career and Still No Two Days Are the Same

Florida is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Because we have so much to offer here, there are a lot of tourists which simply means there’s more traffic, and more chances for accidents. Accidents can be anything from a minor fender bender to a devastating head-on collision and all have incredibly unique variables that contribute to the crash. After so many years on both sides of accident law, I’ve seen many different ways an accident can happen and have led my clients to a great many successful outcomes. Still, with all of this experience I can honestly say that no two days are exactly the same—and I actually appreciate that. 


The variety is stimulating and I feel like I’m always learning something new; some new way to do something that much better or faster for a client. A skill I’ve learned to do very well is negotiate down medical bills. If I put in the effort to negotiate favorably and get medical bills reduced, then the amount of money my client takes home when we close out their case is that much higher. I’ve had my own medical bills in the past that the insurance company said weren’t insured. It’s a terrible feeling to have that cloud over you. That’s why I push so hard to make that cloud disappear for my clients. It’s little efforts like this throughout the case that help maximize compensation. 


Personal Injury is Very Much a People Business

Every client has a different story and what they’ve gone through is entirely unique to them and their situation. To be an effective personal injury attorney, my first job is to listen. Something I’m really good at is just talking to people. Once I know my client’s story, I can tell it in a way that gets things done with the insurance company. 


A case I’ll never forget was where a family from Warner Robins, GA was on vacation down here in Florida. They were in a bad accident and had some fairly serious injuries. While I was handling that case, the mother involved in the accident died of unrelated causes. The family was absolutely rocked. I would meet with the husband at the Huddle House there in Warner Robins to discuss updates of the case but even just to be there as a human being for this man who’d lost so much. After so many cases, I’ve learned that representation often goes far beyond the car accident simply because every case is a person, a family. In my book, this line of work takes as much skill as empathy.


I’m From South Georgia, But I’m All-In in Duval Now

Being from South Georgia in Jacksonville means I’m a Floridian who’s never far from home. My parents are still up in beautiful Valdosta, GA and a lot of friends, family, and acquaintances are still scattered from here to there. That makes me feel like I’m somewhere where I can help my kind of people. In law school, I actually spent so many hours providing unpaid legal work for people who couldn’t afford representation that I received an honor when I graduated. I didn’t do the work to get an award, but to help those that couldn’t help themselves. My clients are hardworking, everyday people that have had a legitimate injury and it seems like no one is listening to them. I get to be the voice that advocates for everything they deserve, no matter who they are or where they came from. 


If I’m out of the downtown Jacksonville office, you’ll probably find me on or near the beach. Since coming to Jacksonville, I stay as close to the water on my time off as possible to relax and recharge. Neptune Beach and Lemon Bar are two of my favorite hang outs. Having played football in college as a kicker first at FSU and then at Valdosta State, I am a huge college football fan. But really, I just love the game. I root for the FSU Seminoles every Saturday and on Sundays I’ll be cheering on the Miami Dolphins.  


“Brian Elkins is one, sharp attorney. He is one of the rare attorneys who has actually defended the insurance company so he knows their playbook. That kind of experience is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom where he fights for every penny the client deserves. Our entire firm is indeed lucky to have such powerhouse attorneys working for the good guys.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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