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For a person who suffers serious side effects or for family members of a person who suffers death from complications associated with Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESAs), it is understandable to feel overwhelmed, but help may be available. The law firm of Farah & Farah is committed to upholding justice for our clients. Drug manufacturers are responsible for creating, testing, and properly labeling pharmaceutical products to ensure consumer safety. When a product contains a high adverse reaction risk or defect and a patient suffers as a result, legal action may be the answer. Call our drug injury attorneys at 877-245-6707 for a free consultation and to learn more about the legal options that can be taken to protect your rights.

When Safety is Compromised

The most widely used ESAs are Aranesp, Epogen, and Procrit. Safety concerns for ESAs arose in 2008 as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluated its adequacy. Up until recent years, the FDA has released modified dosing recommendations to improve safe use of ESAs. Unfortunately, some patients have already suffered severe cardiovascular reactions, stroke, and death.

Even with the updated information from the FDA, patients may still be at risk of suffering these detrimental side effects. Patients using ESAs are often coping with chronic kidney failure, chemotherapy, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), among other medical conditions, therefore further compromising their already delicate health when serious side effects occur.

Getting Rightful Compensation

The initial impact of a serious side effect to ESAs can be devastating. However, numerous consequences can significantly alter a person’s life, as well as the lives of his or her family members, for months, years, or for the remainder of the patient’s life. Nevertheless, the long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial repercussions of an adverse reaction from ESAs may be alleviated through a successful personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit in Jacksonville. In some instances, a case outcome may bring an individual or his or her family needed closure.

The injury lawyers at Farah & Farah work to help our clients seek compensation for damages caused by their injury or losses. An injury victim may be entitled to money for medical expenses, including those relating to hospitalization, surgery, medication, and physical therapy. He or she may also receive money for pain and suffering as well as lost wages and benefits. Family members of a wrongful death victim may receive these forms of compensation as well as money for funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and other damages.

ESA Lawyers Building a Strong Case

The legal team at Farah & Farah strives to help our clients overcome the obstacles put in place by negligent parties. If you have any questions about you or your loved one and the ESAs that you believe caused harm, please fill out a contact form or call us at 877-245-6707 today.

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