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Sherri Trinh is a highly experienced personal injury attorney in Savannah. Working out of our law offices off Abercorn Street, Sherri represents victims in cases like car accidents and slip and falls. Having worked in pre-litigation and litigation, Sherri Trinh knows what legal strategies work best when seeking maximum compensation. That level of experience can’t be taught; it’s earned case after case fighting for everything a client is due under the law. Helping clients get their lives back after an accident is what Sherri Trinh does best.

Auto Accidents Are Where I Focus the Majority of My Practice

In my time as a lawyer, I’ve worked in several practice areas. I’ve previously handled litigation cases for workers’ compensation and personal injury cases and enjoyed that side of the law. Litigation is where cases go to trial. Many moving parts must be executed at the right time to keep a case moving toward a successful outcome. 

Coming onboard at Farah and Farah, I decided to focus my talents solely on personal injury and in presuit, where each case starts. Auto accidents make up the majority of accidents in Savannah and I knew getting a case from the very beginning was where I could make the biggest impact. After you’ve been in an accident, you’ll call our intake department, who will start gathering your information. When you’re assigned an attorney in Savannah, it’s an experienced professional like me. 

The Savannah office is incredibly collegial and we work well together. I’ve observed that each member is gracious in actually wanting to help one another. Seeing the client-centric culture that Eddie and Chuck Farah created is powerful and the brothers are still very much involved in the day-to-day. Combining an entire firm’s collective strengths helps ensure our clients get the best representation possible. 

The Accident Was Not Your Fault

The first thing most clients need is someone to listen to them. What motivates me as a personal injury attorney in Savannah is that I get to help people put the worst day of their lives behind them. After being told by insurance companies or big corporations that they have no case or their pain isn’t real, victims need to hear that this is not their fault. The damages are real. They were dealt a bad hand and now we are in a position to try and fix it. 

At the most basic level, I help my clients move on. Doing so takes acknowledging their suffering, seeking the compensation they need, and successfully closing out their case.

I’ll Give You a Roadmap of What to Expect

Most clients come into the personal injury process needing help knowing what to expect. Part of my job as their attorney is to help manage expectations. I always give my clients a custom road map for their individual cases. As my clients progress through their treatment program, I’m working in the background, calling adjusters, preparing demands, requesting medical records, and a thousand other small but crucial tasks for building a rock-solid case. 

Handling so many personal injury cases, I know how arduous the process can be dealing with insurance companies. But insurance adjusters are people too, and I’m familiar with many providers here in Savannah. Knowing the system and how to work with these entities helps get the best results possible. Over the years, I’ve become reasonably proficient with insurance policies, too, especially concerning your limits, benefits, and the timetables you can expect after an accident. 

Conveying what happens in the event of A, B, or C to your clients helps eliminate the stress of the unknown. My experience allows me to see the process from the 30,000ft view to represent my clients on the ground best.

Even though most cases settle without going to trial, at Farah and Farah, we prepare every case from the very beginning as if it was going to trial. That means using all of the firm’s resources to seek everything our client’s entitled to under the law. That’s a significant advantage of our office here in Savannah. As a satellite office, we enjoy a small, close-knit team environment, yet, we have the total weight of the entire firm behind us whenever we need additional firepower.

Digging Deeper to Secure a Great Outcome

A case I’ll never forget actually had nothing to do with personal injury, as there weren’t any injuries. Two gentlemen I was representing had bought land and built a gas station. They’d paid a company to install the underground tanks and complete all the requisite testing, calibrating, and filing required paperwork with the state. When they began operations, they found discrepancies between sales and the fuel in the tanks, indicating a leak. An ensuing leak test found that the tanks had been punctured during installation by the heavy construction tanks going over the top of them. 

Georgia State Code is specific and rigid regarding underground storage tank regulations, and it’s up to the owner to ensure they are up to code. Because the gentlemen had hired a company in writing to do the work and they’d experienced a loss, there was cause for them to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. 

Doing extensive research into past case information and securing motions at critical junctions in the trial helped secure a solid victory. The win was memorable both for the amount of work I put in and because it was my first case going to trial. Ultimately, I secured $4 million back for my clients, who would have otherwise likely lost their entire investment. 

Downtime with My Family Is Important Too

I treasure downtime with my family if I’m not busy working on my next case. Along with my husband Anthony, daughter Avery, and Chihuahua mix Mojo, walking around downtown Savannah is one of my favorite pastimes. The Peregrine on the Perry Lane Hotel rooftop is a top spot to visit and see the city. My daughter and I also enjoy building doll houses and other projects together. If it’s football season, I’m a faithful Jaguars fan and will catch the action every time they play.

“Sherri Trinh is an incredibly gifted personal injury attorney. Even with a long list of huge wins for clients, it is her personable and empathetic style which produces those unforgettable case moments her clients never forget. – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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