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Mark Hall


  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • University of the Cumberlands, Masters of Arts in Educational Administration
  • Lincoln Memorial University, Bachelors of Arts, English
  • Lincoln Memorial University, Bachelors of Arts, Education


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator
  • Founding Member of the National Association of Youth Courts
  • Florida Justice Association
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Mark Hall is a passionate, experienced Social Security lawyer. Not only does he bring years of experience to the table, he genuinely cares for his clients and represents them with everything he has. His dedication to his work is precisely what we expect to see in our team at Farah and Farah.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Mark Hall

Mark Hall is a dedicated Social Security disability lawyer in Jacksonville, FL. Over the course of a long and effective career, Mark has seen numerous victories for his clients. With a substantial blend of experience and education, Mark is an invaluable ally to those he represents. A portion of his educational pursuits was dedicated to medicine, which gives him practical knowledge of Social Security disability cases. This experience and education, combined with raw passion for representing those who need it most, makes him a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.

Having spent years of hard work in the Social Security disability arena, Mark Hall understands the unique challenges these types of cases can present. Through his experience and insight, Mark navigates the complex road of Social Security disability claims and delivers positive outcomes. With Mark Hall representing you, you’ll have a true veteran in your corner.

I Know the Way Social Security Disability Law Is Done

As a Social Security disability lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, my sole job is to represent disability claimants. I’ve spent over two decades studying the particulars of Social Security law and am committed to knowing how the process works. As an administrative court, Social Security disability law is different from personal injury law and has its own unique process. With my in-depth understanding of these social security processes, I help guide my clients through their cases and fight for the best outcome possible.

While I was in my undergrad, I considered going into medicine and did a medical rotation. It was during this time that I learned precise medical terminology and got an eye for different medical issues. While I did not pursue medicine, this study was highly educational for me and beneficial to my work as a Social Security disability lawyer. Because I know the medical terminology of conditions and the effects they can have on the body, I can better understand how to represent a disability claimant.

I learned how to do Social Security law right out of law school. In fact, my first job out of law school was taking over the Social Security department at my firm. This position as department leader gave me a detailed understanding of what a Social Security case entails. I’ve been working in Social Security law ever since. Over the years, I have built up a massive experience bank to draw from to get the best case results possible for my clients.

In Many Cases, I’m Literally Fighting for My Clients’ Lives

There are a lot of similar cases in Social Security law, but each one is important. I recall one particular case in which one of my clients was diagnosed with AIDS. The medications were going to cost thousands of dollars every month because he was uninsured. Without this medication, my client would have a very short time to live. I represented his case and won. He was able to get the medicine he needed and continued to live a happy life. Without me fighting on his behalf, I can’t confidently say he would be alive today.

Unfortunately, this type of case is not rare in my area of the law. I know what’s at stake in cases like these, and that’s why I fight with all I’ve got. People who are in a vulnerable situation need a lawyer with experience and shrewd knowledge to help them navigate their options.

When clients come to me, they are often already in a tough spot where their livelihood is on the line. I put all of my skills and knowledge in Social Security disability to work and fight for the help they are being denied.

There Is No Greater Cause than Helping Those in Desperate Situations

Over my career, I’ve seen many desperate people in need of hope, people who have lost their ability to provide the most basic necessities for themselves. No one should feel helpless because they are not getting the support they need. I believe there is no greater cause than helping those in desperate situations. That’s why I am so passionate about representing Social Security disability clients.

When you’re disabled due to injury or illness, it can quickly begin to look like there is no hope for your situation. Especially when you are unable to work and provide for yourself or your family, even basic needs can become overwhelming. My goal as a Social Security lawyer is to help the everyday people who are in situations just like this. I feel I have an obligation to serve and represent my clients to the best of my ability.

I Never Wanted to Work for a Big Law Firm Until Farah and Farah

Even though I have been an attorney in Jacksonville for my entire law career, I never imagined myself working with a large firm. However, since joining the team at Farah and Farah, I have seen the excellent work I can do here. One of the things I’ve been most impressed with is the genuine team-oriented culture at Farah and Farah. We may be a large firm, but we don’t act like a big corporation. Instead of competition and silos, the atmosphere here very much feels like family. All of my colleagues are willing to help think through a case or brainstorm strategies for the benefit of all our clients. 

The incredible team of brilliant legal minds and the abundant resources at my disposal significantly benefit me and my clients. Eddie and Chuck Farah have created a remarkable culture here and genuinely care about being active in our community

Bridging the Gap in My Community and Outside of Jacksonville

While I am based in the Jacksonville office, I frequently travel all over the Southeast for cases. Because Social Security is under federal jurisdiction, I can represent clients from any state. This helps me bridge the gap for clients in my community and elsewhere.

I value being a member of the community in many different ways, but my passion outside of work is in music. I’ve always loved to sing and play piano, whether for myself, in church, or a community theater. Music is a language that transcends culture, background, and situations. Much in the same way I view my work as a lawyer, I believe music is a marvelous vessel to help people.

When I am not at work, my time and energy are spent keeping up with my Cocker Spaniel, Jasper, and enjoying the community around Jacksonville. San Marco has some of my favorite places to eat and spend an evening. There is never a shortage of things to do, restaurants to enjoy, or sites to see here in Jax. I take pride in being a part of this community and work hard to represent it well.