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Katie Fitzpatrick is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Savannah. Katie began her career as a case manager while she attended night classes at Savannah Law School. This experience would prove invaluable as Katie built an intimate knowledge of total case management, which helps her as an attorney to justify why her client deserves every cent due. She is a dedicated communicator who truly plays the role of counselor throughout the legal process.

When you need an accident attorney in Savannah who stays both in-contact and in-charge of your case from start to finish, Katie Fitzpatrick is who to call.

Working as a Case Manager Helped Make Me a Better Attorney

Working through law school wasn’t easy but I truly learned from the ground up. Back then I was a case manager, which is a legal professional that organizes case files, helps manage the caseload, watches over the finance and billing aspects of the case, as well as monitors the case timeline. 


All of this experience administering a case before I became an attorney really gave me an edge when I passed the Georgia Bar and started practicing personal injury law. I have a much greater appreciation for the big picture and how a case plays out through every stage of the process. This allows me to effectively communicate with clients on the status of their case, what I’m doing, what they need to be doing, and how that all works together to get the best results possible.  


Managing Georgia Auto Accident Cases is What I Do Best  

Personal injury law is fast paced which excites me – there’s never a dull moment and I’m always engaged. In a nutshell, I help clients file a claim against their insurance company and get a positive outcome. I’ve learned over the years that it usually pays to be courteous and professional with the insurance adjusters and other representatives. We’ll discuss the reasons why my client is entitled to what we’re asking for under the terms of the insurance policy and can then move forward with the legal process. This is one of the most efficient ways to get a client fully compensated for what they went through. 


With adjusters, you really do catch more flies with honey but of course there are times when I need to be a persistent advocate for my client in order to get the wheels of justice moving. I’m not afraid to stand up to even the biggest insurance companies and make sure the claim is handled to my client’s satisfaction. If not, we will take it to court.


Confused After Your Accident in Savannah? Call Me. 

There’s a case I’ll never forget where my client was a young man in the military. After a bad car accident that left him physically unable to carry out his duties, the soldier received a medical discharge from the service. The young man came from a long line of proud soldiers and had planned his whole career around serving his country. Instead, because of someone else’s negligent driving, he was forced to start all over again at just 23 years of age. Beyond the disappointment of losing a career he loved, the soldier will more than likely be left with injuries that will last a lifetime. 


Through diligent legal advocacy, my team and I were able to secure a great payout and the full policy limits for this young man to help him heal and move forward with his life. This experience really solidified why my work is so important. It’s an honor to serve the people who live and work in our great city. 


Outside of my professional life at Farah and Farah in Savannah, I love getting out in nature with my wonderful husband and two children on the weekends. We’ll frequent any one of the beautiful trails, parks, or waterfront attractions we have around our home on Skidaway Island. If it’s football season, there’s a good chance you’ll catch me watching the Tennessee Volunteers games every Saturday.


“Katie Fitzpatrick is just the type of determined professional you want handling your case. Her attention to detail and unwillingness to go for anything less than everything the client deserves is one of the major reasons why she continues to achieve such high success.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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See Me In Person: 11102 Abercorn St Unit A Savannah, GA 31419

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