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Darren B. Zeigler is a personal injury attorney at the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office. Darren has spent years practicing in many different areas of the law. From time spent as a prosecutor with the State Attorney's Office, to insurance defense work and personal injury, Darren has seen more than most. He uses this keen experience to come alongside his clients—navigating complex cases and pursuing maximum compensation. With a long list of huge wins to his credit, Darren B. Zeigler is who you want to call to pursue everything you deserve.

Farah & Farah Makes You a Better Attorney 

You could be a good litigator when you get here, but Chuck and Eddie want you to be the best. They want you to be well-rounded from the beginning so they let you experience different aspects of personal injury from what you’re used to. There’s a path of growth here and I love that. I have a high expectation of myself to do abundantly well for my clients so working in a place that gives me tools and direction to make myself a better attorney is really motivating. 


There are always changes in the law and new, better techniques out there to utilize at different phases of the case. At Farah and Farah, we hone our craft every day by staying abreast with changes in the law. I’m looking at new cases coming out, practicing, and trying to learn something new all the time. One day it may be improving a technique for investigation before going to court and the next is deepening my understanding of new and existing Florida Statutes. 


To be most effective, you need to better yourself on what can and can’t be done on both sides of the courtroom. In the end, all of this effort transfers into advocating better for our clients and articulating their arguments that much more effectively. Everything we do here is geared towards making a person as whole as possible after an accident.


I Worked on the Insurance Side, Now I Fight Them—And The Adjusters 

Before coming to Farah and Farah, I worked for an insurance defense firm on car accidents and premises liability cases like slip and falls. This was a high volume position but I kept the quality of each case high because that’s just how I work as an attorney. I also spent time at another insurance defense firm where I was tasked with defending big corporations like trucking companies or national pizza chains from lawsuits. Let me tell you, trucking accidents are tough, there are often catastrophic injuries and even death. But I had a job to do and did it to the best of my ability. I even earned a defense verdict at trial which is challenging to do. Having all of this experience is invaluable to what I do now. 


Coming to Farah and Farah is like I just walked to the other side of the courtroom and started representing the injured victim. I know exactly how the insurance company’s defense team is going to strategize because I used to be a part of making it. I use this experience to my clients’ advantage to seek the absolute maximum recovery we can for everything they went through—and may continue to go through for years to come.


We’ve Got One Shot at Compensation So It’s Time to Step Up to the Plate

I’ve always enjoyed the courtroom. I like talking, speaking to people, and putting together a story. I gained a lot of experience in the courtroom as a prosecutor with the State Attorney’s Office. I was up in front of a jury for years and built upon a lot of great skills I still use every day. In personal injury cases, you’ve got to use the art of storytelling within the bounds of the law to articulate what your client went through to the insurance company and their adjusters. My job is to get you a recovery for something you didn’t cause. 


Because I’ve seen so many cases from start to finish, I know what the beginning of the process looks like. I know how trials are and how they can go so I can better prepare my client and potential witnesses, start them on treatment, and so many other small details that add up to better case results. After a case is concluded, you can’t go back in five years and say “my back still hurts, I want more compensation”. You’ve got one shot at compensation and your attorney needs to be ready and able to step up to the plate. 


I Was Rear-Ended By a Dump Truck, Trust Me, I Know How Much it Hurts

I’ve been hit from behind so I truly know how much pain my clients are in. Insurance companies often try to downplay injuries, especially when they don’t show up on an X-ray or MRI. But the pain from the accident is often felt for years and years, if not for life. Knowing the daily struggle, I try to make it as easy as possible for my clients. Most people who come to me have never been in an accident before. It’s affecting their daily life as they have to take off work, get treatment, and deal with insurance companies. Then the big surprise comes when they start seeing medical bills pour in. Something I hone in on is negotiating these medical bills as low as possible because that means my clients will get more in their pocket at the end of the case. 


Compassion is My Attorney Superpower

I will tell you upfront that I am not the smartest or most gifted attorney there is. But I learned at a young age to treat others as I wanted to be treated. You speak to the janitor as you would speak to Eddie or Chuck. As an accident attorney, you have to be genuine because otherwise, people see through that. You have to relate to people and be understanding. There are so many people who were not as fortunate as I was growing up. Many people have had hard lives and you can’t look down or past them. These are genuine people with real feelings and a real life. Being good at what I do takes relating to people and being humane. To me, if you don’t care for people, what joy or fulfillment is there in your life? Being genuine means no shortcuts and is crucial to what it takes to do abundantly well for my clients.


I Am Very Much Your Local Jacksonville Accident Attorney

I grew up in Jacksonville and it’s cool to see how much it has grown over the years. But no matter how big it gets, I love that it still feels like home. My mom is here and anywhere our family gathers is where I’ll be on those occasions you find me out of the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office. I am also absolutely obsessed with sweets so there’s a good chance you’ll find me in a sweet shop like Cami’s Cakes in Tinseltown or The Donut Shoppe in Arlington. Having left Jacksonville to attend college and start my legal career, I’m very excited to plant roots again in my hometown with my fiancé as we eagerly plan our upcoming wedding. 


“Darren B. Zeigler is the attorney that makes even the hardest case seem winnable from the start. His attention to detail, positivity, and knack for professionalism is showcased in a long list of big wins over the years. Even beyond this, his ability to connect with people on a very human level is perhaps his greatest strength. We are indeed lucky to have such experienced and people-oriented attorneys on our side.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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