Christle L. Guinyard

Attorney Albany, GA

Christle Guinyard is a personal injury attorney at the Farah and Farah Albany, Georgia office and handles cases from the entire state of Georgia. A remarkable individual, Christle is personable and easy to get to know. She exudes a warmth and empathy that is immediately felt by potential clients and a valuable asset for those who have been injured in an accident.

Help is on the way

I understand that when a client seeks a personal injury attorney, they are already in a difficult situation through no fault of their own. When you are injured in an accident, your whole world flips upside down. When this happens, I work tirelessly to turn my client’s bad situation into a workable and satisfying settlement for them and their family.

When my clients come to me, I not only listen but I also hear the client’s expectations, so that I can represent them with excellence. I am very good at relating to my clients no matter where they come from or what their background is. My priority is to help them reclaim their lives after an accident, and I measure my success based on their satisfaction.

Big Firm Capability, Small Firm Feel

Farah and Farah is such a rare find in the legal profession. I have over a decade of experience in this industry, having worked as an adjuster, case manager, paralegal and legal intern. Seeing the attorney role from different positions within the legal industry gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to be an effective personal injury attorney.

The team at Farah and Farah allows me as an attorney to put those best practices that I have learned into my daily routine. While still learning from my colleagues and senior staff members.  Having the strength of the firm behind me and seeing them follow through both with their promises to me and to our clients, makes me feel empowered to work each and every case to the absolute best of my ability.

We Do What We Say We Are Going to Do

My work ethic got me through an incredibly tough law program at Atlanta’s John Marshall School of Law, where I received four different CALI awards for the highest grades and honors in my class. I quickly learned that I am unable to give legal counsel unless I am willing and listen to hear what my client is going through. This means being part of the solution and not adding to their complications. Accidents don’t just happen Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. Therefore,  I do my best to be available when my clients need to talk or have questions, and I always make returning calls and messages a priority. I am extremely passionate about my work product and take pride in knowing that I have the opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life. My clients can always rely on me, when I tell them what I intend to accomplish, I do all I can to make good on my word.

One of my specialties is negligent supervision cases, wherein negligence has occurred by a childcare provider to adequately and safely take care of children in their care. Being a mother I know how devastating an accident involving your child can be. I can relate to parents who find themselves in this type of situation, and am prepared to pour mall my energy into advocating for the justice their family deserves.

Doing What’s Right By Victims in Georgia

I can remember a case I had wherein an elderly gentleman was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian while he was headed to church. The at-fault driver didn’t have enough coverage to adequately pay for all the costs of the incident. I was tenacious and rigorously researched all available lines of coverage until I not only located active coverage but also found an umbrella policy that had been undiscovered. It is that type of zealous advocacy that my clients can expect from me every day.

I will always advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Victims have the right to have their voices heard and to receive compensation for their injuries. I am that voice and I take great pride in my work to see that justice is done. Even outside of my profession, I have a heart for victims. I love when I’m able to volunteer at community organizations like the ASPCA and my local Humane Society where I get to help needy shelter dogs and cats.

“From the very first meeting with Christle, I knew she would fit the mold here at Farah and Farah.  As a family-owned law firm, we look for people like Christle who will maintain the work ethic and integrity that this firm is built on. She is genuine in her concern for clients and in her willingness to do what needs to be done to succeed on their behalf. A real can-do attitude and ability to relate to those who have been harmed – that’s Christle in a nutshell.”  – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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Notable Cases/Results

$300,000 recovery – Client fell on standing water in a restaurant and suffered an ACL tear.

$160,000 recovery – Client was struck when at-fault driver failed to yield. This case also involved a dispute over liability.

$100,000 recovery – Client was struck by a USPS independent contractor and suffered injuries.

$90,000 recovery – Client suffered injuries in a rear-end collision.

$50,000 recovery – Client suffered injuries when struck by an at-fault driver.

$50,000 recovery (policy limits) – Client suffered injuries in a rear-end collision.

$1,215,000 recovery – Client was hit by an at-fault driver who ran a stop sign.


Proud member of

  • The State Bar of Georgia
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA)
  • Georgia Women Attorneys
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • ACLU
  • Southern Poverty Law Center, South Georgia


  • John Marshall Law School, Juris Doctorate
  • Boston College, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Civil Torts
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