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Personal Injury Attorney Bryan Callaway

Bryan is a personal injury lawyer based out of our Orange Park location. Over the course of a nearly two-decade career, Bryan has represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases. Pulling from his vast experience, Bryan works tirelessly to get to the truth of a case and represent his clients with tenacity and passion. Having been a personal injury lawyer for his entire career, Bryan has developed the insight and skills to be a strong ally for those he represents.

As a lawyer that has fought some tough cases over his career, Bryan Callaway is no stranger to taking on a difficult situation. When Bryan is on a case, he takes every opportunity he can to help his clients get the most compensation possible. As one of Bryan’s clients, you can trust that you have an ace in your corner.

Let My Experience and Skills Fight for Your Case

Very early on in my experience here at Farah and Farah, I could already tell that my time here will be a rewarding experience. I’ve had a history with several Farah and Farah attorneys in the past and was excited to start my journey among other professionals I’ve known and admired. I have been a personal injury lawyer over the course of my entire career and jumped feet-first into new cases when I started at Farah and Farah. I take each case seriously and will give my all to represent my clients well. 

As a personal injury lawyer, I have had the opportunity to live out my passion for helping people that have been put in a bad situation. From the most challenging cases to the ones that seem straightforward, I work relentlessly to fight for the best outcome. I’ve been doing this long enough to have confidence in my work. Because of my experience, I have been able to hit the ground running here at Farah and Farah—and haven’t stopped since. 

If there is one thing I’ve come to recognize while working at Farah and Farah, it is that the work here is both rewarding and abundant. From the first day I began my work here, it was clear that there is no shortage of ways in which we can help our clients fight for their rights. Every day that I work, I understand how important my work is not just for my clients but for my community.  

I Have Spent Years Representing Personal Injury Cases

Right out of law school, I began working under a lawyer here in Jacksonville, where I represented personal injury cases for almost 12 years. During my time there, I realized my passion for helping people get every cent they deserve in a personal injury case. I had the opportunity to represent some difficult cases that tested my limits as a lawyer and challenged me to dig deep into my work. 

After working with this group of lawyers for over a decade, I moved to a firm in Jacksonville Beach, where I continued working as a personal injury lawyer. By this time, I had grown very confident in my proficiency in law and personal injury representation. Between the first two firms where I worked, I mastered the art of assessing and analyzing values so that I could get all that my clients deserved in their cases. 

After nearly half a decade, I made the move to Farah and Farah. Since then, I have been impressed with the skills of my fellow colleagues and the friendliness of the work environment. I know the years that I spend here will be meaningful and impactful, both for myself and the community. 

Auto Accidents and Premises Liability Cases Are What I Do Every Day

As a personal injury lawyer, I work on a variety of injury cases. Where I specialize, however, are automobile and premises liability cases. I work to get my clients the most that they can after an injury in a car accident or on another’s premises. 

After an accident, it can be difficult to try and sort out all the pieces of what to do next. Whether the insurance company is running you around in circles or you are not getting the compensation you deserve, I will fight for your case. I help my clients untangle the mess after an injury and handle the big guys in court. With my experience and the Farah and Farah resources on your side, you benefit from our expertise and proficiency in law. We will stand with you and fight for your case. 

I’m No Stranger to a Heavy Caseload

Because I have now been in the law game for a while, I can confidently handle a significant stack of cases on my desk each morning. I take each case one at a time and thoroughly examine all aspects involved before moving on to the following file. The impressive amount of resources available to me at Farah and Farah is an essential part of the work I am able to accomplish. 

Even though my experience allows me to take on several cases at once, I still take the time to treat each one with personal interest and care. I believe that everyone deserves fair representation and my full attention. I treat each client and case with the individual attention and care that they deserve. You can trust that I will give each case on my desk everything I have. 

Over my years of experience, I have grown accustomed to working on a range of cases simultaneously. Though there are certainly cases that are more challenging than others, I genuinely try to devote myself entirely to helping my clients succeed. 

Working at Farah and Farah Gives Me All the Resources I Need

I’ve worked in several firms over my career but have been thoroughly impressed with the resources at my disposal from Farah and Farah. Each day, I have the privilege to work with some of the most friendly, family-oriented, and brilliant colleagues. I am so grateful to be able to go to them anytime I want to brainstorm an idea or legal strategy. The culture and atmosphere created by the team at Farah and Farah are wonderful to be a part of, and the longer I am here, the more impressed I am. 

Working for a family-owned firm has been a change of pace. For one thing, I can tell a difference in the attitude of my colleagues. It honestly seems like everyone here is motivated to help their clients who have been put in difficult situations. From my first day here, the importance of doing all that we can to help our clients has been a priority. As a personal injury lawyer, I have a responsibility to help my clients sort out the mess after an accident. That’s why I am honored to be a part of the brilliant team at Farah and Farah. 

Down Time with My Family is Important Too

When I’m not busy at the Farah and Farah Orange Park office, it’s a good bet you’ll find me in or near the beach. I love surfing and sailing and Neptune Beach is pretty hard to beat here in town. I feel blessed to get to call North Florida home and consider downtime with my wife, Heather Anne, and two cats, Mookie and Milo, to be one of the secrets to my success as an attorney. 

“Bryan Callaway holds incredible experience specifically in personal injury. Having attorneys with such depth and breadth means our team can go even further to seek every penny a case is worth. Our team in Orange Park and the entire firm at large is indeed lucky to count such heavy hitters among our ranks.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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