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Andrew McKinney


  • University of Florida Levin College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelors of Arts, Political Science & Criminal Justice


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Andrew McKinney is one sharp attorney. His keen level of experience specifically in pre litigation makes him remarkably well suited for helping accident victims recover everything they’re entitled to. A devoted family man and solid team player, Andrew makes our downtown office that much brighter. The entire firm is lucky indeed to have such zealous advocates among our ranks.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Andrew McKinney

Andrew McKinney is a personal injury attorney at the Jacksonville office. Excelling as a Florida car accident attorney, Andrew spends the majority of his time helping people get everything their insurance policy is supposed to provide after an accident. He also holds businesses accountable when people are hurt after incidents like a slip and fall.

Andrew’s keen expertise in pre-litigation means he is able to strategically build a case from the ground up. Skilled in case preparation, Andrew presents the facts in a way that can’t be ignored by insurance companies.

Making Insurance Companies Come to the Table is What I Do Best

My entire career as an attorney has been spent in personal injury law. I’ve worked in litigation support and was part of building a brand new pre-litigation division at my prior firm. My personal experience here at Farah and Farah is that everything we do here is at a professional level. Our team works together to solve issues collectively so our clients’ cases can move forward efficiently.

Our firm also invests in cutting-edge case management technology and is heavily trained in how to employ this to our clients’ advantage. All of these resources equip me with more tools for building a rock solid foundation to your case. When we present this information to the insurance adjuster, they have no choice but to listen. If they don’t come to the table to negotiate a fair settlement, they know they’ll see us in court.

I’ll Make Sure You’re Always Current With What’s Going On

Something I’m really good at is client communication. A lot of other firms may not emphasize client-first action, but at Farah and Farah, it’s what we live by. I keep myself open and available to my clients every day. I’ll take their phone calls or answer emails and texts because I realize just how important this is to my clients. Their whole life has been turned upside down. Maybe they lost a loved one to an accident. My clients need an advocate who can take over the entire legal process and make them as whole as possible after an accident. Keeping my clients up to date on their case allows for better decisions to be made throughout the process. Better decisions provide better results and happier clients.

I Can Help Even If You Don’t Think You Have a Strong Case

Often, clients come through our doors and don’t think they have a case. They may have even been turned down by other law offices who either couldn’t or wouldn’t put in the time to investigate the details of the case.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an accident attorney in Jacksonville and working at Farah and Farah is that I’m given the opportunity to really look into the facts of a case. We are provided all the resources we need to build a strong foundation for the case and seek a fair settlement.

So even if you aren’t sure whether you have a case or not, please call me and talk to me. I can look things over and outline what options you do have available. While insurance companies don’t like to admit it, I’ve found there is often some form of insurance coverage present and due to the policyholder after an accident.

Jacksonville is Such an Awesome Place to Call Home

Going to school at UNF for my undergrad and just down the road at UF for law school (Go Gators!), I have such a strong appreciation for everything Jacksonville has to offer. If it’s outside of work hours, you can probably find my wife and I out and about around town. We love the St. Johns Towncenter because there’s so many different restaurants, shops, and fun things to do all in one place. If it’s football season, you can be sure I’ll be catching my favorite team, the Florida Gators, every chance I get. My Bich-Poo (a small but fierce Bichon Frise and Miniature Poodle Mix), Walter, is one of the most enthusiastic fans I know.

My wife and I are about to welcome our first baby into the world and I couldn’t imagine a better place to raise our family. That’s why it’s so rewarding for me to represent people from all walks of life right here in our community. Jacksonville is a special place and I’m proud to be working to make it even better for the next generation.