Causes of Car Accidents

The major causes of car accidents in Florida and Georgia are often the same problems that are seen in other areas of the United States, such as distracted drivers, poor weather, or unsafe road conditions. 

However, Florida drivers also face a unique challenge when compared to other locations in the US. Florida is a year-round tourist destination. Visiting drivers from across the US and Canada can also be the cause of road accidents in Florida. When tourists are distracted looking at a map or driving directions on their phone, their ability to pay attention to the road is severely diminished.

Georgia, on the other hand, has rates as high as 70 accidents an hour. The population density in Georgia has exploded in recent years, leading to more motorists on the road than ever. Because more people are driving, there are more reasons for accidents on the road. 

Read on to discover more about the causes of car accidents, car accident statistics, and how you can travel more safely on the road.


The Major Causes of Car Accidents

Car accident statistics from the NHTSA reveal that the vast majority of vehicle crashes (about 94%) of all crashes in the US are caused by driver error. 

Driver error includes not paying attention to surroundings, being distracted, making poor decisions, driving impaired, and driving aggressively. Overall, the main culprit for vehicle accidents remains drivers operating at an unsafe speed or operating recklessly.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common causes of car accidents:


Speed limits in Florida and Georgia are established to help ensure everyone’s safety on the road. When drivers exceed those limits, it’s more difficult for them to react to unexpected situations in a timely manner or operate their cars safely during inclement weather. And at higher speeds, reckless driving is more likely to result in accidents with serious injuries or even fatalities.

Distracted Driving

Technology has become a major part of our lives. It is easier than ever to stay connected to our friends and family, but sometimes that connectivity is dangerous. Ask yourself: how many times have you seen a driver around you looking at their phones while they were moving down the roadway? Distracted driving is dangerous driving, and it poses a particular threat to Florida and Georgia roadways.

Failure to Obey Traffic Signals and Rules

Our traffic system relies on everyone following the rules in order to facilitate safe travel. When drivers don’t adhere to these rules, either unintentionally or purposefully, they are putting others at risk with their unexpected behavior. 

Reckless driving is often a major cause of car crashes with serious consequences. For example, someone running a stop sign or red light could subject another driver to a side-impact crash, which can be much more severe and potentially fatal when compared to a rear-end accident.

Impaired Driving

We all know that getting behind the wheel while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very dangerous. However, recent car accident statistics reveal that impaired driving is still on the rise. 

More than 400,000 total vehicle crashes occurred during the latest reporting year in Florida, causing more than 254,000 injuries and 3,116 fatalities. Impaired drivers were responsible for over 22% of the total vehicle crash deaths in the latest reporting year. Alcohol-impaired or drug-impaired drivers caused 5,793 crashes. But these incidents led to 3,624 injuries and 712 fatalities. 

In recent years, Georgia has experienced a steady increase in impaired driving. The intoxicated driving had increased 36% from 2011-2015. Around 26% of fatalities in Georgia involve DUIs. Unfortunately, these numbers continue to climb each year. 

Drunk Driving

Despite massive and long-running educational programs about the dangers of drunk driving, accidents related to drunk driving continue to be a serious issue, especially in Florida and Georgia, where average rates of drunk driving are higher than the national average.

Many of us understand that drinking seriously impairs reaction time and spatial awareness, so we opt to take cabs, use ridesharing options, or lean on a designated driver when appropriate. But since driving under the influence is still a common cause of road accidents, it seems there’s still a lot of work to be done in this regard.

Driving While High

Similar to DUIs, driving under the influence of drugs is also a serious crime and one of the major causes of road accidents in Florida. This applies to both illegal drugs, such as marijuana or methamphetamine, as well as legal prescription drugs that can have adverse effects on your driving capacity. 

If you have to travel on Florida roadways while taking a prescription that affects your driving ability, it’s advisable to seek alternative means of transportation like ridesharing or a designated driver.

Weather Conditions

Florida and Georgia are well-known for their temperamental weather conditions, especially during hurricane season. A clear, sunny day can quickly turn into a torrential downpour with limited visibility, slick surfaces, and potential obstructions on roads due to high winds. 

Since unstable weather conditions are a major cause of car accidents, it’s important to exercise caution during inclement weather by slowing down and increasing your following distance. Doing so can help you avoid serious traffic accidents and keep others safe too! 


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  • Was either vehicle speeding?
  • Were drugs and/or alcohol a contributing factor?
  • Were either of the drivers texting, talking, or otherwise distracted by a device?

No two auto accidents are the same. An experienced car accident attorney can help assess the many complex factors surrounding your accident and put together a solid case. 

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