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Florida Workers' Compensation Lawyers​

Regardless of where you’re employed or what kind of work you do, things can get difficult after an on-the-job injury. You just want time to heal and get back on your feet, back to work and back to life as usual, but an issue with your workers’ compensation claim is holding you up. That shouldn’t happen.

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Do you have a workplace injury?

Workers’ compensation should be a straightforward process. However, when insurance companies or even your employer try to deny your claim or decrease your benefits, you need someone to step in and fight for what’s rightfully yours.

You are legally entitled to workers’ compensation after an accident. Many people do not realize how many types of accidents can happen on the job, and that their employer does not necessarily need to be at fault to receive compensation.

Getting coverage for your injury can be an uphill battle of denied claims and appeals processes. When you hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, you increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. A knowledgeable lawyer can help process your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

At Farah & Farah, our Florida personal injury attorneys are on your side. Our expert lawyers have years of experience helping clients navigate the complicated claims process and recovering millions of dollars.

We want to see you back at work without any lingering worries over how to pay your medical expenses after an on-the-job injury. By filing a workers’ compensation claim or pursuing a lawsuit, we can compel your employer or their insurance company to pay you what you’re owed. Let us help you seek a workers’ compensation recovery. Call (855) 495-3517 today for a free, confidential consultation about your situation.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Because recovering the workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to can be difficult and time-consuming, hiring a workers’ comp attorney can make the process easier to handle. With experience directly related to on-the-job injury claims such as broken bones, toxin exposure, burns, head injuries, joint or muscle injuries, and more, the team at Farah & Farah knows the laws and will fight for you. It’s your right to file for workers’ compensation regardless of how you were hurt while working.

Insurance companies may attempt to challenge your claim, but we’re ready for them and prepared to stand up for your rights. Utilizing an experienced lawyer can improve your success rate in court going against these powerful entities, and at Farah & Farah there are no fees unless we win your case. We don’t get paid unless you do, allowing you to maintain your own finances to help recover until receiving your workers’ compensation benefits.

What to Expect From Farah & Farah During Your Workers’ Comp Case

We understand that everything became difficult after your work injury. After all, you’ve dedicated your time to serving the success of the business only to be rejected in your greatest time of need. Our attorneys know how you feel. We’ve seen it time and time again which is why we will dedicate ourselves to helping you through this challenging time.

Insurance companies and employers often fight workers’ compensation cases by:

  • Disputing that your injury is covered by their policy
  • Releasing you to work before you’ve recovered
  • Dismissing your claim based on technicalities or incomplete information
  • Denying responsibility for dangerous conditions
  • Hiding evidence of on-the-job hazards

When you hire Farah & Farah to help with your workers’ compensation case, you get more than just an advocate. We are passionate about protecting victims of workplace accidents. Our attorneys can help you:

  • Determine fault by investigating conditions and collecting evidence
  • Find the right doctors to accurately diagnose and treat your injuries
  • Pay all authorized medical bills resulting from your injury or illness
  • Receive temporary disability benefits, including payment for lost wages
  • Receive permanent disability benefits when applicable
  • Complete all paperwork needed to successfully file your claim

We work tirelessly throughout the whole process to help you achieve the best outcome possible for your case. We will be with you every step of the way. You are not in this alone.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits while you recover and get back to normal.

The Farah and Farah team

Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits

At Farah & Farah, we understand how frustrating it can be when you are denied your basic rights after being injured at work. You have given your time and energy to help the business succeed and then are abandoned when you need them most. Our compassionate team of lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve, so give us a call today.

There is a wide range of benefits that workers can qualify for after being injured on the job in Florida. Depending on the severity of your injury and your unique situation, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits that include:

  • Temporary Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Impairment Benefits
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Death Benefits

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer with a proven track record can help you maximize your potential benefits. The attorneys Farah & Farah have consistently helped clients win settlements. We know what we’re doing and we can help you get a fair and appropriate settlement.

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Workers' Compensation FAQs


If I’m injured and take time off from work, will I be paid?

Florida law says you will not be paid for seven days of disability unless your disability extends over 21 days. Then you may be paid by the insurance company for the first seven days. In most cases you will receive a benefit check, bi-weekly. You should get your first check within 21 days after reporting the injury. It will amount to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, as calculated by the wage you were receiving three months prior to your injury.

What if I want to receive a lump sum?

You may be able to receive a lump sum if it is negotiated with the workers’ compensation insurance representative, pending approval by your state worker’s comp board.

Are those benefits taxable?

No, not unless you go back to work with limitations. That wage is taxable.

What if I was partially to blame for my accident?

If it is determined that you had some role in your own injury, for example, you were not following the safety rules set by your company, your benefits can be lowered by 25 percent.

Will I lose my job if I apply for benefits?

You cannot be fired in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Florida. However, Florida law does not require your employer to hold open your job until you return to work. If you were fired in retaliation for filing a claim, talk to a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer about preserving your rights.

Do I have to pay for my medical bills?

All authorized medical bills will be given to your company’s insurer for payment. You should not have to pay any of these bills.

How long will I receive benefits?

For no more than a maximum of 104 weeks you can receive Temporary Total, Temporary Partial Disability payments or a combination of the two benefits during the continuance of your disability.

My checks are not coming, what can I do?

Most reasons for compensation delays are unacceptable. Contact a Florida workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you notice problems with your compensation. They will be able to help you maneuver through the system and remove compensation roadblocks.

What if I can’t return to my job?

If you cannot return to the job you held previously, you are entitled to receive vocational counseling, transferable skills analysis, job-seeking skills, job placement, on-the-job training, and formal retraining.

To find out more about these programs, you may contact the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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