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June 17, 2024

Injured Florida Worker Awarded $2.2M After Devastating Wreck

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When a commercial construction foreman was heading to work in the pouring rain, a multi-collision accident on his way to the job site would alter his life forever. He was left with life-changing injuries requiring five surgeries over several years and an arduous journey through rehabilitation. The insurance company denied our client’s initial claim of just $10,000 to cover his injuries so he came to Farah & Farah for help.

In the end, we would secure a total award of more than $2.2 million for this hardworking and deserving client. Our team sat down with attorneys Frank Fratello and David Thompson to learn the details behind this incredible client victory.

How a Rush Job Turned Into a Catastrophic Car Wreck

The case unfolded as a result of our client volunteering with his company to work on a rush job for the owner of his company. He woke up like normal and left his home in Palatka in the pouring rain to head to the job site as a commercial construction foreman. He was passing through a construction area when an accident on the opposite side of US-17 caused a vehicle to cross the center divide and strike his work truck head-on.

As a result of the crash, our client shattered every bone in his lower leg as well as two vertebrae. He stayed at the Orange Park Medical Center for nearly two weeks and wound up having five surgeries over a period of three years since the date of the crash. He would need countless trips to rehab and a spinal cord stimulator to help ease his ongoing pain.

An Opening Statement That Had the Jury With Us From the Beginning

Whenever we have a complex car accident case like this one, we take a total team approach. To start, our pre-litigation team led by Megan Richards pulled in our catastrophic injury attorneys early on to help develop this case. David Thompson and Frank Fratello handle some of the toughest cases our clients face. From the start, David and Frank knew this would be an uphill battle because there were so many variables at play.

However, with the courtroom experience and resources we have at our disposal, we were able to gather all of the evidence necessary to use the facts to prove our client’s version of events. David helped set the tone from the very first opening statement in front of the jury that would help sway them to see just how seriously our client’s life was altered and how the insurance company was accountable for making him whole. Ultimately, the jury decided in his favor.

“You only have one chance to tell the right story. We tell the right story, where everything fits, and everything makes sense, and that’s how we win. We tell the right story and tell the truth in a way that the jury understands,”  Frank emphasized.

Insurance Refused To Pay $10K, But We Got a Lot More

Initially, the insurance company didn’t evaluate the different claims at play fairly. With three separate vehicles, they ignored our client’s injuries and even rejected his small claim of just $10,000 to help pay for his medical bills. When insurance companies show their true colors in cases like this, it highlights why it’s so important to have an experienced car accident attorney by your side early on. Timing can be everything with accident cases and our team used the defense team’s strategy against them to seek every penny our client was due under the law.

Our Fearless Paralegals Saved the Day

David and Frank immediately praised the experienced paralegals they had with them through every step of our client’s journey. Christy Davis and Sarah Mahar were the paralegals who tirelessly helped prepare the mountains of data from the case. With crash recreation experts, medical professionals, and more, we use every resource at our disposal to show that our client’s injuries are real and prove every penny that we were asking for from the insurance company was legitimate. “We are always more prepared than the other side,” said David Thompson.

Christy and Sarah’s work was pivotal as their preparation and knowledge of all of the records helped David and Frank fight the many arguments put up by the defense. “This is the difference between good and great! Truly they (and all paralegals like them) are invaluable assets to our firm,” Frank expressed.

Immense Relief and Gratitude

In the end, the client would receive over $2 million dollars for everything he endured after a $10,000 policy denial. “He was relieved,” recounted Frank. “It’s one of those things in cases where you’re injured badly through no fault of your own and being in a lawsuit is so stressful that when it’s over, the client is just so glad to have a conclusion so they can finally get back to their life and figure out what their new normal is.”

Farah & Farah Doesn’t Quit When You Need Us Most

At Farah & Farah, we have the resources, drive, and ability to see our clients’ cases through to the very end. When an injured worker isn’t getting treated fairly, we’ll step up to the plate to seek every dollar they’re due–just like what we were able to do for this very deserving client.

When you’ve experienced a workplace accident and need answers, contact our attorneys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll look over the details and help outline the options you may have available.

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