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Florida Construction Accident Lawyer

The health and safety of employees and visitors at a construction site is critical, but supervisors and companies often cut corners and put profits first. If you’ve suffered a construction accident injury, your long-term health may be in jeopardy. With mounting medical bills and other expenses, making ends meet after a construction injury is challenging. Your injuries could even limit your ability to earn a living wage. The Florida construction accident lawyers at Farah & Farah can help you take legal action and guide you through this challenging time.

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Every person on a construction site has a right to expect safe conditions. However, construction sites don’t always meet acceptable safety standards. Construction accidents caused by negligence, willful misconduct, or worker irresponsibility can result in life-altering construction site injuries.  

Under Florida law, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses after a construction accident injury. However, construction companies are covered by powerful insurance companies that will do everything possible to minimize your compensation. Farah & Farah represents construction workers injured on the job and those hurt while visiting construction sites.  

If you have experienced an injury on a construction site in Florida, contact Farah & Farah for your free, no-obligation case review. Our Florida construction accident lawyers are ready to stand by your side and fight against the insurance companies for the compensation and closure you deserve.

Why Hire a Lawyer After a Construction Accident?

Construction accident claims are often complicated and can involve several factors that affect your ability to recover compensation. Successfully overcoming these challenges requires significant experience in this legal area—the experience only a skilled construction accident lawyer has.  

Farah & Farah’s Florida construction accident lawyers can level the playing field between you and the insurance company. We’ll investigate the accident’s circumstances, gather evidence supporting your claim, and complete the required paperwork on your behalf. We will also negotiate with the insurance company and advocate for the compensation you need to rebuild your life post-injury. With our team on your side at every turn, you’ll stand a fighting chance at recovering maximum compensation.

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Trust Farah & Farah With Your Construction Injury Claim

Construction accidents often lead to severe or catastrophic injuries. To ensure you get the full and fair compensation you need for your recovery, it’s essential to hire a construction accident lawyer with experience handling these kinds of claims. At Farah & Farah, we have the experience, knowledge, skills, and resources to take on the most powerful companies and their insurers. 

Our legal team has been protecting the rights of the injured since 1979. We’ve recovered over $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients. When you turn to our firm, you’ll benefit from the combined efforts, resources, and strengths of dozens of highly accomplished personal injury attorneys in Florida who share a genuine commitment to your wellbeing.  

If you or a loved one has experienced a catastrophic construction site accident in Florida, speak to a Florida construction accident lawyer at Farah & Farah about your case. Contact our firm today for your free no-obligation case review.

Navigating On-The-Job Construction Injuries

Florida construction accidents can occur due to negligence, defective equipment, lack of training, or worker error. No matter the cause, you are likely entitled to compensation under workers’ compensation or a third-party liability claim.

Workers' Compensation Construction Accident Claims

If your construction accident occurred at your Florida workplace, you must follow the correct protocol for recovering benefits for your injuries. The first step of the protocol is to report your injury to a supervisor or the construction manager as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the accident. Once informed, your employer has up to seven days to report the accident to their insurer. From there, you will have two years to file your petition for benefits as outlined in the Florida workers’ compensation statute of limitations.

Your employer will give you the name of a doctor to visit at no charge. If the injury is extensive enough to require a trip to the emergency room, you must notify the hospital staff that you were injured at work and provide the insurance company’s phone number. The workers’ compensation insurance company must authorize any additional medication, tests, hospitalization, or rehabilitation. If you cannot return to work, you will receive temporary partial or total disability benefits.

Florida workers’ compensation protects the company owner from a lawsuit by an injured employee. However, in certain cases, other parties can be held accountable if the accident resulted from negligence or a defective product. Contact our construction accident lawyers in Florida for more information about your legal options and personalized assistance with your workers’ compensation claim.

Third-Party Liability in Construction Accidents

Although liability for a construction accident may seem localized to a job site, in reality, the owners, contractors, architects—and even equipment manufacturers—may be liable for damages. 

Management has a legal obligation to provide safe working conditions. Their responsibility includes establishing appropriate precautions, posting warnings of site hazards, responding to job safety concerns, and instituting hiring guidelines that promote everyone’s safety. When a worker receives improper training, it puts all workers at the construction site at risk for injury. 

Even on the safest job site, improperly made construction equipment can cause significant havoc. When equipment fails to meet specific criteria, then the manufacturers of that equipment may be held liable for damages.

OSHA’s Place in Construction Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency that sets and enforces workplace safety regulations. OSHA protects construction workers with regulations to enforce safety requirements and minimize injuries.  

In many construction injuries, an OSHA investigation will reveal violations of their protection rules. When employers ignore OSHA regulations, they should be held responsible for their negligence. Our construction accident attorneys in Florida can also determine if the construction site in your case violated OSHA regulations and, if so, use that to demonstrate its responsibility for your losses.

Causes of Construction Accidents

A construction site usually has many hazards around the premises. These include heavy equipment, dangerous materials, and precarious surfaces. Despite these risks, employers can keep construction sites safe with regular safety inspections prioritizing worker welfare. 

However, some construction companies bypass the applicable safety rules to expedite the project timeline and maximize profit. These negligent companies create unsafe environments that put the health of employees, contractors, property owners, supervisors, and innocent bystanders at stake. Their irresponsibility can cause severe injury or even death. 

Some common construction accidents include the following: 

  • Crane accidents 
  • Electrical accidents 
  • Falling objects 
  • Forklift accidents 
  • Industrial explosion 
  • Heavy equipment failure/user error 
  • Improper tool use 
  • Misuse of safety implements 
  • Power tool mishaps 
  • Roofing accidents 
  • Scaffolding accidents 
  • Struck-by accidents 
  • Slip and falls 
  • Welding accident 

Some of these are more prevalent than others. According to OSHA data, construction fall protection was the most frequently violated OSHA standard in 2022. Violations involving ladders, scaffolding, and eye and face protection were also particularly common in the construction industry.

Construction Site Accident Injuries

Serious and fatal injuries can happen in any industry, but construction is especially dangerous as the industry with the most workplace deaths in 2021.  

It is up to the property owners and construction managers to ensure the safety of the workers at the site. Injuries from construction accidents include: 

These are just a few examples of the many injuries that can occur on construction sites. Our attorneys have represented victims and families facing a wide range of construction site accident injuries.

Compensation Available for Construction Accident Claims in Florida

In most cases, your compensation for a construction accident in the workplace is limited to your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. This coverage generally pays for all your medical expenses and a portion of your lost income. If this is your only option for compensation, our Florida construction accident lawyers will fight to recover the maximum workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to. 

Some circumstances may allow you to recover compensation outside the workers’ compensation system. In this case, your compensation could include the following: 

  • Past and future medical expenses 
  • Rehabilitation expenses 
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Scarring and disfigurement  
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

The exact amount of compensation available to you will depend on various factors, including the severity of your injury and the degree of negligence from the at-fault party. When you turn to our team, we’ll carefully analyze your case and estimate its value.

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