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Florida Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

It is never acceptable to use your cellphone while driving. Yet 50% of drivers admit to having used their phone to call, text, or snap a picture behind the wheel. During an average rush hour, you could be at the mercy of half of your fellow drivers. And those are just the ones using the phone. Distracted driving includes anyone who takes their eyes, body, or mind off the road to focus on a different task. Risky behavior behind the wheel can include adjusting the stereo, cleaning up spilled coffee, or zoning out while driving.

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You may have suffered an injury or lost someone you love in a car accident and believe the accident was caused due to texting while driving or another distraction. If this is the case, then you could be eligible to make a claim and collect compensation. At Farah & Farah, our FL car accident lawyers want to help minimize your suffering and fight for the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

In an instant, a distracted driver can change your life. By taking their focus off the road, distracted or texting drivers put everyone else in peril. If you were struck by a distracted driver, Farah & Farah understands the pain, fear, and frustration you may be feeling in this uncertain time. Our distracted driving attorneys can help provide clarity, give you financial certainty and allow you to focus on recovery. Call us 24/7 at (877) 245-6707 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Texting and driving

Stats Regarding Distracted Driving/Texting Accidents

Incidents of distracted driving have climbed dramatically in the past few years. As smartphones have become more and more accessible, there has been a spike in distracted driving deaths.

Below are some stats regarding distracted driving accidents to paint a more vivid picture of this terrible trend:

  • 49% of adults admit to texting while driving, even though 98% acknowledge it is unsafe.
  • The U.S. Government says that you have a 1/6 likelihood of being involved in a fatal accident with a distracted driver. This is up from 1/10.
  • Over 5,000 lives are lost each year due to distracted driving.
  • 52% of vehicle deaths involving teens are the result of distracted driving.
  • More than 500,000 people are injured annually from accidents blamed on distracted driving.

Types of Distracted Driving

Driving distractions are becoming all too common and while texting is one of the main culprits, it isn’t the only one. Anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road is considered distracted driving, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that close to 70% of rear-end crashes are due to driver inattention.

Distracted driving may be manual, visual or cognitive and can include:

  • Texting
  • Tuning your radio
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reading or writing
  • Bending down to pick something up off the floor
  • Talking on your phone
  • Reaching into the glove compartment
  • Applying makeup
  • Brushing your hair
  • Cleaning the windshield

To reiterate: anything that causes you to take your attention away from driving may be considered distracted driving. If you have any questions about distracted driving or if your misfortune was due to a distracted driver, contact a distracted driving lawyer now!

Who is Liable in a Texting or Distracted Driving Accident?

Every accident is different. Liability in any scenario is always dependent on many variables. Proving liability depends on proving negligence and gathering evidence that supports your case. A skilled distracted driving lawyer can help you build your case with assets like cell phone records, witness statements, security camera footage, expert testimony, and other valuable bits of evidence.

Whether you live in Florida, there will be different hurdles to overcome. If a driver is determined negligent, you may be eligible for compensation covering your medical bills, property damage, and psychological strain.

Having a top notice legal team can help you present your side of the story.

What to do if You’ve Been Injured in a Distracted Driving or Texting and Driving Accident?

After being involved in a car accident, never admit fault or say you are sorry for an accident. While it is likely that you are only trying to be respectful, the other person may interpret your kindness as an admission of guilt.

Following these steps can help you make sure that you get the justice you deserve:

  • First and foremost, seek medical treatment. Even if you feel fine, call emergency responders and the police immediately
  • Gather information like witness names, contact information, and automobile insurance for all parties involved. If the other parties are aggressive, wait for the police to facilitate this part.
  • Use your cellphone to take pictures of the damage. Take pictures of any related road hazards, weather conditions, or traffic signals. Don’t worry about these images being beautiful. You are only trying to document the facts.
  • Do not leave the accident scene until the police clear you. Even small accidents require a police report that catalogs damages or injuries.
  • Even if you don’t need to go to the hospital, visit your doctor as soon as possible to get documentation of your injuries. It’s possible that some of your trauma may not be revealed until days after your accident. Having documentation can make sure that there is a direct link between your accident and your pain.
  • Call an attorney as soon as possible. A distracted driving lawyer can help get to the bottom of your case.

At Farah & Farah, your road to recovery is our main focus. Our distracted driving attorneys have years of proven experience with Florida personal injury cases and will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. When you trust us to handle your claim, we will:

  • Find a qualified doctor to treat your injuries
  • Arrange a rental car if you need one to get to work
  • Make sense of the paperwork and ensure that no deadlines are missed
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for the fair value of your vehicle
  • Gather all the necessary evidence to prove that the driver who struck you was distracted at the time of the crash
  • Negotiate your medical bills so you pay less and take home more money

Distracted Driving/Texting Accident Attorneys in Florida Are Here To Help

Being involved in a car accident can shake you to your very core. Car accidents can involve emotional trauma, financial loss, and mountains of medical bills. You may not know where to turn after someone hits you while distracted driving. An experienced lawyer can help you get the ball moving on your claim and get the answers you deserve!

If your life has been changed because of someone else’s distracted driving, we can help ease the financial and emotional burdens. Farah & Farah can ensure that we will help you recover from your injuries. Call us 24/7 at (877) 245-6707 or schedule your free case review now and to start building your case today.


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