Slip and Fall Facts

Slip and falls are among the most common accidents in the United States and account for one million visits to the emergency room. Many people do not realize the catastrophic impact a slip and fall accident can have on their lives and their loved ones. After a slip and fall accident, you may have severely compromised health, and you may be facing mounting debt.

Statistics about Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

As a leading slip and fall attorney, we’ve helped clients secure justice for their injuries. When you are preparing a slip and file claim, it is essential to understand some facts about slip and falls and your rights. The following facts will help paint the picture of the dangers of slip and fall accidents.

Slip and Falls Account For Over 20% of ER Visits

More than one million people every year are hospitalized because of fall injuries. Falls are the leading cause of hospital emergency room visits (21.3%), totaling 8 million visits a year.

Slip and Falls Are The Most Common Cause of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are one most common results of slip and fall accidents. Because the brain doesn’t have any pain receptors, many people are unaware when they experience a brain injury. However, despite not feeling pain, the aftermath of a brain injury can disrupt your entire life. After a slip and fall, it is essential to check your condition and diagnose any issues quickly and thoroughly.

Direct Medical Costs for Fall Injuries Totals Over $34 billion Every Year

The cost of medical bills after a slip and fall can have a considerable burden on your life. In America, slip and fall accidents can result in staggering medical costs. One of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America is medical debt.

Slip and Falls Cause Serious Injuries like Bone Fracture

Many people damage their skeletal system during a slip and fall. These injuries are tremendous physical and emotional burdens that may require significant medical intervention. As you try to resume regular activity after your slip and fall, your bone fracture damage may make your recovery difficult.

Slip and Fall Accidents Disproportionately Affect Older People

As you age, you are more likely to experience a slip and fall. On average, 22 million older people are taken to the ER every year. For people over 55, Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of injury. At least once a year, over 60% of people in nursing homes experience a slip and fall. Although slip and falls affect older people at a higher rate, they’re the leading cause of injury for all ages.

Slip and Falls Are The Leading Cause of US Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employees involved in slip and fall accidents often have to pay for medical bills and the cost of lost wages during recovery. The loss of productivity means employers also suffer in the fallout of a slip and fall. In total, slip and falls accidents account for $70 billion a year in worker’s compensation claims.

Only a small fraction of these cases go to a courtroom

After experiencing a personal injury, many people are hesitant about going to court. They are afraid because they do not want to testify in a formal courtroom setting in front of people. The truth is a very slim amount of slip and fall cases make it to court — and the injured party is an active part of the settlement process. Experienced attorneys can help guide your case and determine if it is likely you will go to court.

How can a slip and fall attorney help you?

After a slip and fall injury, it can be hard to put the pieces of your life back together. In addition to the cost of medical bills, you may also be facing the effects of lost wages. These costs compound quickly. You shouldn’t be responsible for someone else’s negligence. You deserve justice for your injuries.

Unfortunately, a slip and fall settlement can be an uphill battle. In addition to dealing with negligence laws, statute of limitations and comparative fault, slip and fall cases are notoriously difficult to argue successfully. Winning these settlements involves acting fast and hiring an attorney. Farah & Farah has a proven track record of arguing slip and fall settlements across Georgia and Florida.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you deserve to get justice. Contact Farah & Farah today for a free case evaluation.

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