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What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

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Slip and falls are some of the most severe accidents you can experience. These falls can occur in homes and public spaces and are often caused by things like weather, neglect, improper maintenance, and dangerous facilities.

Some populations, like senior citizens and disabled people, are especially inclined to experience severe injury from slip and fall. Florida has a high percentage of both of these populations. Sadly, in Florida, slip and falls are among the most prevalent causes of severe injury and premature death.

There are many balls to juggle during a slip and fall settlement. Trusting a professional will help ensure the best result for your claim. If you have experienced injury from a property owner’s negligence, you need the best legal representation available for you.

Slip and Fall Accident Procedures: What to Do After You’ve Been Involved in a Slip and Fall

After a slip and fall, you must act fast. It can be challenging to know where to turn after a slip and fall, especially if you have experienced an accident that has put you under the strain of medical debt and your bills are stacking up. In addition to health concerns, there is a statute of limitations for filing a claim for slip and fall accidents.

Following these steps can help protect you by strengthening your case and supporting your claim.

Report Your Accident to Property Owners/Managers

Immediately after your fall, make sure you file a report with whoever is in charge of the property where your slip and fall occurred. This person could be an owner or a property manager. While you inform them of your accident and injury, ask to file a formal report. Many established businesses will have proper steps in place to file reports. After filing a report, request a copy of it from the business. Failing to report an accident means there’s no record of your injury, and that makes your case much more difficult. If you are unable to get up, ask someone to file a report on your behalf while you seek medical attention.

Not all businesses will have a report system. If the business does not have procedures in place for this type of accident, request an email or postal address. Write and send a description of the accident and the extent of your injuries as soon as possible. If the police were involved, get a copy of their report. Make sure you keep a copy of the notification and all documents you send the business.

Seek Medical Help

Slip and falls can cause excruciating pain and injury. It is essential to seek medical attention after a slip and fall. Contact emergency personnel to the place of your injury and be sure to follow the first responder’s advice. If directed, go to the hospital. If they do not think you need to go to the hospital, make sure you visit one within 48 hours and get documentation of your injuries. Some trauma, like head injuries, may not be as immediately apparent. Getting a record of your injuries will help you file your claim.

Determine What Caused Your Accident

Knowing what caused your slip and fall to happen will help build your case. For example, if a slippery floor caused your fall, you need to know what caused it to become slick. Inspect the scene for what caused your fall. Without a cause, it will be harder to prove your case.

Gather Witness Information

Did anyone see you fall? Or did anyone offer to help you? Secure any witness contact information (name, address, telephone numbers, email address) that can help you find them later. If you were with anyone during your slip and fall, such as a friend or family member, ask them if you can record their statement with your phone camera. It’s easier to film a statement while it’s fresh, rather than relying on memory later and writing it down.

Document Everything

Documenting the site of your accident can help your claim. Circumstances and objects that caused your fall — like puddles, loose stairs, holes, or torn carpet — can quickly change after your fall. Make sure you get a full documentation of the injury site from multiple angles. If your injuries require bandages or casts, make sure you photograph them. Also, catalog any personal property damage like clothes that may have been affected by your fall.

Take Detailed Notes

As soon as you can, write down some notes about what caused your fall. Include details like the weather, the date, the time of the fall, and the exact nature of your accident. Take note of things like what part of your body hit the ground, anyone who was nearby, which foot stepped first and where, what shoes you had on, where you were looking, whether you noticed the condition or object that caused your fall. This information will help build your case.

Save Everything

There is rarely such a thing as too much evidence. After being screened for injury, take photos of the clothes you were wearing during the slip and fall, then secure the shoes and clothing you were wearing in a safe location.

Don’t Talk About Your Case on Social Media

Although it may be tempting to discuss your case, never talk about potential legal action. While waiting for your slip and fall case, stay off of social media. Don’t blame or make negative statements about anyone in the case. Keep discussion of your slip and fall case between you and your doctors and attorneys.

Be Wary of Insurance Company Representatives

After a slip and fall, you may hear from an insurance adjuster for your case. Be cautious about how much information you reveal to them. They want to figure out how to pay you as little as possible. Do not fall for their tricks! You do not have to accept blame or minimize your injuries. Never sign a release allowing anyone to review your medical records without talking to a lawyer first. If you have already hired an attorney for your case, then direct the insurance representative to them. Under no circumstances should you sign anything until your attorney has reviewed it and cleared the paperwork.

Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney as Soon as Possible

After you experience a slip and fall accident, it is essential to get the opinion of a knowledgeable party. A slip and fall attorney will help you make rational choices about your claim. Contacting an attorney can help you build your case and get the justice you deserve.

If You’ve Been Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident in Florida or Georgia, Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

When you visit a business, you are trusting them to provide you with a safe experience that doesn’t alter your physical wellbeing. When a business’ negligence compromises your physical health, they should be held accountable for violating that trust.

Dealing with the fallout of a slip and fall accident is no day at the beach. After a slip and fall, you may be dealing with staggering medical bills and lost wages. You shouldn’t have to face that responsibility alone, especially for something that wasn’t your fault.

When you hire Farah & Farah, you get the priceless value of attorneys who have successfully fought for slip and fall victims. We have the knowledge and processes to help you build a successful case. Get a leg up on the deep pockets of the insurance company, and contact us for a free no-obligation consultation about your slip and fall case.

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