Oversized Load Accident Attorneys in Florida & Georgia


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An accident with a commercial truck can be life-changing. Trucks are extremely heavy, and an out-of-control truck can carve a devastating path of destruction in its wake. This damage multiplies exponentially if the truck is carrying an oversized load. 


You may not know what to do after being involved in an oversized load accident. While trying to recover from your initial injuries, you may be dealing with money-hungry bill collectors and unsympathetic insurance companies trying to bully you into silence. 



You shouldn’t have to fight them alone. An oversize load trucking accident attorney can help you figure out your next steps. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to serve you. Get your free, no-obligation case review online or call Farah & Farah at (877) 245-6707.

How Do Oversized Load Accidents Happen?

An oversized load is cargo that is too tall, wide, or heavy to fit in a standard transportation container. Every driver is in danger when a load is not secured correctly or is too large for the truck or the road. Oversized load accidents can include machinery, houses, large pipes, and other vehicles.  

Transporting heavy loads requires a driver with advanced training and crew to help navigate roads. Even then, many factors can cause trucks carrying oversized loads to experience peril, including:  

Regulations and Liability Surrounding Oversize Load Accidents

Federal, state, and local regulations set size and weight limits for commercial trucks. Some loads are so large that they are not permitted to be on certain roadways, highways, or bridges. 


These regulations state:

Oversized truck accidents get more complicated because liability can include many parties. A typical truck accident could consist of the truck driver, the company responsible for loading the cargo, the truck driver’s employer, the truck manufacturer, and even the entity responsible for maintaining the roadways. 


No two accidents are the same. Only an oversized accident lawyer can assess the circumstances around your accident and find the best path forward for you.

How an Oversized Load Accident Attorney Can Help

An accident with an oversized truck can be frightening and confusing. The last thing you want is to take on a drawn-out legal battle by yourself. An oversized load trucking accident attorney can fight for you while you take time to rest and recover.  


The oversized load accident attorneys at Farah and Farah will:

Without professional legal support, you run the risk of being taken advantage of by corporate lawyers and insurance companies. 

Florida and Georgia’s Trusted Oversize Load Trucking Accident Attorneys

Tens of thousands of people are injured in oversized load trucking accidents every year. Oversized load accidents can happen in the blink of an eye but, the legal struggles can drag on for months or years. 

Don’t let the negligent parties get away with it. If you — or someone you love — are a wide-load truck accident victim, you owe it to yourself to protect your rights

For over 40 years, people have relied on Farah & Farah as their preferred truck accident attorney for injuries caused by oversized loads. Contact us 24/7 at (877) 245-6707 for your free, no-obligation case review

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