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September 19, 2023

Farah & Farah Wins $750k Settlement for Truck Accident Victim

Attorney Gregory A. Ream Wins 750K for Truck Accident Victim

Over a year after the accident, a personal injury client was awarded nearly ten times the original compensation offer in Fort Myers, Florida. Farah & Farah attorney Gregory A. Ream assisted the victim of the tow truck accident through the complicated legal process and helped them receive a settlement of $750,000.

Thanks to Greg and the Farah & Farah team in Fort Myers, the client was able to receive suitable compensation and move forward in a meaningful way. We sat down with Greg to learn more about the case and how it unfolded.

Fort Myers Woman Injured in Tow Truck Accident


In 2022, a resident of Fort Myers was hit by a tow truck that turned in front of her without ensuring they had a clear pathway. With no ability to avoid the crash, the client ended up striking the rear end of the tow truck. The vehicle was totaled. This crash resulted in a traumatic brain injury along with lumbar and cervical injuries requiring surgical intervention. With medical and vehicle damage, the client was left in a vulnerable position after the accident.

“My client had a full medical evaluation after the crash, and it was made clear by the doctors that she would need surgery. They also came back with evidence of a traumatic brain injury from the incident that could cause long-lasting problems,” Greg shared. “With clear injuries from the crash. Our client was out of work and had no income to support herself.”

Greg continued, “My client had a previous attorney before coming to me. They didn’t see the same value in the case that I did. My team wanted to prove to our client that fighting for compensation and a positive future after such a severe accident was undoubtedly worth it.”

The Opposition Continued to Deny Fault


For over a year after the incident, the other party did not want to admit fault. They denied liability from the get-go, and through the entire negotiation process, they still refused to admit that the tow truck driver caused the accident when they turned into oncoming traffic without ensuring a clear path.

The client did previously have neck problems, but the accident exacerbated those conditions and ultimately resulted in her surgery.

The traumatic brain injury was an entirely new condition that was caused by the tow truck accident. All Greg and his team wanted was for their client to get the compensation she deserved after suffering from medical issues, along with all of the expenses and inability to work during that time.

Video Evidence Was a Turning Point


“What really helped my client’s case was the video footage we were able to get,” Greg stated.

“We had clear video evidence from a dash cam and from the nearby building showing the driver of the tow truck, without having a clear view of traffic, turning in front of our client. Having this footage helped push the case negotiations forward because everyone could see what actually happened immediately prior to the crash. This was definitely a positive turning point in the proceedings later on.”

A Big Win and Considerable Payout


The case was finally settled for $750,000. While the opposition still continued to deny liability until the final day of the case in June 2023, it was clear that both parties wanted to move forward with their lives at that point.

“It was incredibly fulfilling to gain a big win for this client. Before Farah & Farah, I previously worked for a large insurance company. That experience taught me a lot about what the opposition is thinking when I’m going to bat for my clients now,” Greg shared.

“Getting to work on cases like this one, seeing the positive impact I can make on someone’s life – that is what motivates me to keep moving forward,” Greg continued. “That’s exactly what I came to Farah & Farah to do.”

If You’ve Been Injured, Talk With One of Our Attorneys


At Farah & Farah, we are here to help guide you through your legal options after an accident. Our talented team of Fort Myers truck accident attorneys relies on decades of legal insight and experience to fight for the compensation you deserve. Reach out to our team today.

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