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Kristin Keen has a passion for helping women in need. She started off volunteering in local women’s prison programs – visiting and encouraging the inmates. Then, taking to the streets of Jacksonville, Keen would seek out homeless women in need of basic supplies or even just someone to talk to. Through her mission of care and spending time helping these women one-on-one, Keen heard time and again pleas for a safe and secure place where women could come to learn a trade and be employable.

Desiring to provide a safe place to help heal and reignite lives, Keen founded Rethreaded in 2012 when it hired its first employee with the assistance from the City Rescue Mission. Rethreaded uniquely employs women that have been victimized by sex trafficking. These women are employed in positions throughout the organization from production to accounting, allowing them to learn, earn, and rebuild the lives stolen from them by human trafficking.

Rethreaded produces a variety of fashionable women’s accessories, bags, gifts, as well as, other goods such as gourmet food, coffee, and pet toys. They also act as distributor for the products of other like-minded organizations helping to combat sex trafficking. Through active community partnership, Rethreaded hopes to create change-makers in the community that help support their mission of bringing freedom and opportunity to women in need.

Awed by the efforts of Rethreaded to help victims in Jacksonville create a new life, Farah & Farah began a partnership with the organization in 2018. We were pleased to purchase employee gifts from Rethreaded and regularly host Pop-up Shops at our office. We were honored to be a Freedom Sponsor at Rethreaded’s 2019 Mukti Freedom Gala.