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March 4, 2024

When the Insurance Company Says “No Case,” Our Team Steps Up to the Plate

Farah & Farah's car accident lawyers win case for client

When our client was left with serious injuries after her car accident, she expected what most people do: that the insurance company would offer a fair amount to help make her whole again. Well, as is so often the case, the insurance company tried to blame the accident on our client and refused to pay. When the insurance company tries to play these types of games with people’s futures, two experienced car accident attorneys and litigation team leaders, Frank Fratello and David Thompson, are called upon to help make things right.

With incredible attention to detail, great preparation, and a winning legal strategy, our client came out of the courtroom victorious—with a significant case win of $810,874.67. We sat down with David and Frank to learn how they were able to achieve this fantastic client victory.

We Prepare Every Case Like It’s Going to Trial

When this case first came to Farah & Farah, it started with our pre-suit team, which is where every case begins before it goes to trial. Experienced accident attorneys Doug Shanteau and Scott Miller initially took the case and immediately went to work arranging all of the case elements to allow the case to move forward.

At Farah & Farah, we adopt a collaborative approach when we take on a case. Our entire team works together to bring in every available resource to build a strong case from the outset, leveraging the unique expertise of each member. This approach ensures that our litigation team has everything they need to prepare a solid case in case the matter goes to trial.

Despite Doug and Scott’s persistent efforts to persuade the insurance company to settle the case for a fair amount, the insurer was unwilling to cooperate. As a result, we had no choice but to file a lawsuit and prepare for trial.

How the Case Unfolded

Preparing every case like it’s going to trial means utilizing every resource we have available as a team and putting more heads together to strategize how to overcome obstacles. Since the case had been so well prepared for trial by Doug and Scott, our litigation team had everything they needed to pick up the ball and run with it.

During the crash, our client suffered severe injuries, including a broken sternum as well as hand and neck injuries, which required multiple surgeries and made the case more complicated. Additionally, the client had a long-standing history of pre-existing medical conditions, including chronic pain complaints that had persisted for over a decade. These details required our trial team to bring in the right experts and dig deep into the medical records to accurately relate just how seriously the accident affected the client.

What Is a Liability Dispute?

A liability dispute occurs when an insurance company denies that they are wholly responsible for paying for a claim because they believe some other party in the accident was at fault.

Despite the other driver turning in front of our client’s vehicle, the defense tried every trick in the book to say they weren’t responsible. A key part of their strategy was to highlight our client’s significant pre-existing medical issues, attempting to downplay the impact of the accident on our client’s health. By taking that route, the defense was trying to put all of the blame on our client and get out of paying anything.

Great Trial Strategy Takes a Lot of Preparation

The trial was meticulously prepared and the evidence was presented with great legal strategy involved. Our legal team called upon expert witnesses such as life care planners, accident reconstruction specialists, and biomedical experts to provide their testimony and help prove our client deserved the compensation we were demanding.

In the end, the Farah & Farah team conducted over 40 depositions and presented 16 witnesses during the trial, ensuring a strong case presentation to support the facts. The trial was concluded in just four days, which speaks volumes about how organized and prepared our team was to take this case across the finish line.

Understanding the Jury Process

The jury verdict awarded substantial damages, including past and future medical expenses and significant compensation for past and future pain and suffering. “The jury saw she was injured in this crash despite her significant pre-existing medical conditions and chronic pain complaints,” explained Fratello.

Despite the challenges posed by contested liability and pre-existing medical conditions, the jury recognized the accident’s impact on the client’s life and awarded compensation accordingly – with a fantastic verdict of $810,874.67.

“It really came down to good lawyering. We made sure we did the important things and that we did them well,” added Thompson.

Put the Farah & Farah Total Team Approach To Work on Your Case

At Farah & Farah, our pre-suit and litigation teams collaborate seamlessly to build strong cases for our clients. Our team prioritizes working together to ensure the best possible results–like what we were able to achieve for this very deserving client.

When you’ve experienced the worst and a car accident in Jacksonville, FL has left you with more questions than answers, contact our attorneys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can look over the details and then outline what options may be available to help you move forward.

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