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Honoring Veterans

At Farah & Farah, we believe freedom and justice are worth fighting for. That’s why we fiercely advocate for our clients after they’ve been injured at no fault of their own. It’s also why we’re compelled to honor the service of active duty military and veterans. Farah & Farah is proud to sponsor the Five Star Veterans Center. Five Star is a Jacksonville-based nonprofit that provides safe housing and supportive services to homeless veterans. These veterans come from all over the United States seeking help.
The Farah and Farah team with friends

Honoring those who serve and have served our country is a priority at Farah & Farah.

Our partnership with Five STAR launched years ago. We’re always thinking of new ways to show our support. Most recently, we launched a charity beer in partnership with Jacksonville brewery, Intuition Ale Works. The beer, “4 the Pups, Man” was a special-edition IPA with peaches. For every pint of “4 the Pups, Man” sold, Farah & Farah made a $4 donation to the Five STAR Veterans Center to support a new program, Paws & Stripes.

The Farah and Farah team with friends

Paws & Stripes connects veterans with shelter animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society. The veterans are taught to train the animals, and help them become more adoptable. “4 the Pups, Man” was on tap at Intuition, Really Good Beer Stop, Kanine Social, and Brewhound. Over 6 weeks, 2,053 pints of “4 the Pups, Man” were sold, generating an $8,212 donation. Farah & Farah also matched individual donations made during the campaign, up to $10,000. Individual donations came in at $10,963. This, plus the Farah full-match of $10,000 and the $8,212 beer donation amounted to a total of $29,173!

But wait, there’s more. Farah & Farah released its second edition of “4 the Pups, Man”, a Czech-style Pilsner, in 2021. This time, 3,567 pints of “4 the Pups, Man” were sold over the same 6-week period – that’s 1,514 more pints than the year before! Farah & Farah was honored to present Five STAR Veterans Center with a $24,268 check, which included $14,268 for the beer, and an additional $10,000 full-match amount for online donations.

How Farah & Farah’s partnership with Five STAR Veterans Center Started

Farah & Farah learned of the Five STAR Veterans Center in 2018. Our team visited the facility and saw the power of their services firsthand. When Eddie and Chuck Farah learned that Five STAR Veterans Center did not have funding to sustain more than a few more months of operations, they had to get involved. Farah & Farah launched a robust media campaign. The goal of this campaign was to raise significant awareness for Five Star Veterans Center and to also raise money.

Farah & Farah’s “Salute to Veterans” campaign was a success. We raised $83,704 for Five STAR. Since our injury law firm was founded in 1979, Eddie and Chuck Farah generously agreed to match $79,000 in donations. And together, with the community, we raised and donated $162,704 to the Five STAR Veterans Center in 2018.

Five STAR Veterans Center used this money to increase capacity from 32 to 42 veterans. They also hired another staff member to support the veterans. As a result of the significant media coverage Farah & Farah donated, 15 homeless veterans learned of Five STAR Veterans Center. These veterans reached out to Five STAR and requested help.

Farah & Farah was thrilled to see Five STAR receive the recognition it deserves as the Players Championship Charity of the Day on May 12, 2019, where Five STAR was awarded a check for $50,000. Veteran and former Five STAR resident, Christopher Dempsey, was awarded $25,000 and a new car. Says the Chief Administrative Officer for Five STAR Veterans Center, Suzie Loving: “Farah & Farah’s “Salute to Veterans” campaign is the only reason why The Players Championship recognized us as a Charity of The Day and we are incredibly grateful for what they have done for us.”

We’re not a “one and done” kind of law firm

At Farah & Farah, we care about building relationships. When we stand with you, we stick with you. So it’s easy to understand why “Salute to Veterans” continued in 2019. This time, to honor Farah & Farah’s 40th anniversary, Eddie and Chuck Farah matched $40,000 in donations. The campaign used media to continue raising awareness of Five STAR’s mission supporting homeless veterans. $75,778 was raised in individual donations, leading to a total donation of $115,778 in 2019!

Read our Memorial Day blog article for a behind-the-scenes look at how Five STAR Veterans Center used these 2019 funds to change lives for the better.

Staff at Farah & Farah have also enjoyed volunteering at Five STAR. Our team has helped with work projects in the garden, as well as painting. Farah & Farah looks forward to continuing to support veterans through our partnership with the Five STAR Veterans Center.