Vote Boldly Program

Vote Boldly Program

We understand how important it is to fight for what you stand for. It’s what we do every day for our clients. Fighting for what you believe in is something that anyone who’s eligible to vote can do. Your voice matters and voting, no matter who you vote for, is the best way to do that.

What Is the Vote Boldly Program?

Vote Boldly is a program that Farah & Farah launched in 2020 to provide free cups of coffee to Floridians who voted. We started doing this to help empower individuals to do what they can to make a difference in their communities. Voting, however, can seem like a chore or an obligation instead of an opportunity and a duty, so we want to inspire people to come out and vote in all elections, not just the presidential ones. Offering free cups of coffee to those who voted is our way of thanking those who made their voices heard.

How Did the Vote Boldly Program Begin?

We started the Vote Boldly program for the 2020 presidential elections in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa in Florida. Since we received such great feedback, we decided to run the program again in 2022 for the midterms and expanded it to also include Gainesville, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia. We decided to keep the fun going and also do Vote Boldly for Jacksonville’s 2023 Municipal Elections. It’s a great opportunity for us to encourage civic engagement at all levels.

Why Is Voting So Important?

Voting is how we shape the future not just of our community, but also our state and even our country. While to many, it can feel like a chore or like their one vote won’t have any effect, in reality, every vote counts. It’s the best thing we can do to not just make our voices heard but to help make a difference for everyone around us, too. Every election is important and the more people who come out to vote, the better, no matter who they vote for. Local elections may not seem as important as the presidential elections, but they make a big difference on a local level.

Why Does Farah & Farah Support Civic Engagement?

At Farah & Farah, we care about the communities in which we live and work. We’re always looking for opportunities to help the people who live in our communities and to support local businesses. Encouraging people to vote and make their voices heard is just one more way that we’re trying to make the world a better place.

Because our Vote Boldly program also involves partnerships with local coffee shops, we can support local businesses at the same time as encouraging civic engagement.

How Do I Claim My Free Coffee?

Farah & Farah has partnered with several local businesses to support those who’ve voted. All you have to do is take your “I Voted” sticker to a participating local coffee shop and you can get a cup of coffee up to $5 for free. You’re still eligible if you voted by mail; just show a photo! The participating coffee shops may differ depending on the year and the election, so make sure to check where the Vote Boldly promotion is eligible before you vote.

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