Motorcyclist Hits FHP Trooper

Posted on August 15, 2008

An accident on the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville has sent a motorcyclist to the hospital in critical condition.  

26-year old Frank Belarde was on the bridge when he reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into the back of a northbound Florida Highway Patrol cruiser.

Belarde is in Shands-Jacksonville with life-threatening injuries. He may be charged with drinking and driving. 

Luckily the trooper Tyra Keplinger was not hurt in the wreck, but her Ford Crown Victoria was not so lucky. It sustained about $3,000 in damage.

Drinking and driving while riding a motorcycle can have devastating consequences, as motorcycle drivers and passengers have little to protect them from injury.  

In Florida, the activity is especially dangerous because adults with adequate insurance do not have to wear helmets.  It’;s never a good idea to combine the two activities.

Visit the motorcycle accident section of the Farah & Farah web site to learn more about motorcycles and your rights.

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