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Filing a Florida Hazardous Workplace Claim

It is not unreasonable when you go to work every day to expect a safe workplace that is free of hazards, toxins, the potential for violence, defective products, dangerous machinery, and untrained supervisors or co-workers.

Under federal and state law, companies are required to provide a safe workplace for their employees.

If a workplace is not safe, an employee may file a complaint with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is in charge of conducting an investigation and fining any company that is in violation of its safety guidelines. OSHA rules are sometimes violated by employers who do not take them seriously or do not want to carry the expense of adhering to specific workplace rules that govern the handling of toxic materials or disposing of dangerous waste, among other workplace hazards.

Unsafe and Dangerous Conditions in the Workplace

If the employer allowed an unsafe condition to exist that injured or killed an employee, that company may lose workers’ compensation protection and the employee or his survivors may be able to sue the company without regard to a limit on damages.

If you feel your employer either through laziness or ignorance is not protecting the workforce, the employee has the right to refuse to work in an unsafe place of employment if they have a reasonable and honest belief a safety hazard is present. They can seek protection under the National Labor Relations Board.

Not reporting a suspected hazard can result in an occupational injury to you or a co-worker that could have been avoided and can have a devastating effect on the entire family’s health and welfare.

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