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Unsecured loads are one of the most dangerous occurrences on America’s roads. While any auto accident can be serious, the damage caused by unsecured objects striking other vehicles — or causing obstacles on the roadway — can be catastrophic. The numbers speak for themselves. In a single year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there are at least 440 fatalities caused by roadway debris. The AAA Foundation for Safety reports that, in one four-year span, road debris caused over 200,000 crashes and 39,000 injuries.  


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving an unsecured load, trust Farah & Farah to fight to get you the justice you deserve. Our unsecured load accident attorneys have been championing the rights of the injured for over 40 years. Our compassionate attorneys have the experience, resources, and proven track record of standing up to trucking corporations and insurance companies.


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How Can Unsecured Load Accidents Happen?

An unsecured load accident occurs if you hit something that recently fell onto the road, or if you are directly hit by cargo or debris that falls off a truck. Unsecured loads can cause major collisions that often result in serious injury or death. 

There are many ways an unsecured load accident may happen.

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Any of these scenarios may allow a truck’s cargo to become unsecured and pose a serious hazard to other motorists.

Who is Responsible in an Unsecured Load Accident?

Trucking is a complex, multi-billion dollar industry, and multiple parties may be responsible for an unsecured load accident. 


Let’s take a look at the potential chain of liability for an unsecured load accident: 

The Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers may be liable in an unsecured load accident for many reasons. Some factors that may influence liability include if the driver consumed drugs or alcohol, broke traffic laws, was driving while drowsy or with certain health conditions, or was driving longer than the legally approved 14 hours at a time. In these circumstances, the driver may bear obvious responsibility for a load falling from their truck. 


However, there are complicating factors when it comes to truck accident liability that may merit further investigation. For example, is the driver self-employed, or did another company hire them? If they were hired by another company that was negligent in enforcing safe working conditions, then errors may also rest with that company.

The Trucking Company

In many cases, shared or full liability can fall on a trucking company, but proving fault can be challenging. Exposing the whole truth requires a qualified team of unsecured load accident attorneys, investigators, and expert witnesses who can fight for you. Unsecured load accident liability can be assigned to companies that carried out incomplete inspections, cut safety-related corners to increase delivery speed, or pushed drivers too hard with unrealistic deadlines and expectations.


While many trucking companies own their own trucks, that is not always the case. The question of liability may be further complicated when third-party truck owners are involved. 

The Truck Owner

When the mechanical failure of a truck part is involved in an unsecured load accident, it’s important for your lawyer to uncover any maintenance contracts between the trucking company and the owner of the truck in question. This can include a private individual, the company, the cargo shipper, and the vehicle manufacturer. 


The vehicle’s owner is typically responsible for maintenance, but the owner may be a separate entity from the trucking company. If the truck’s owner did not conduct adequate, routine maintenance on the vehicle (as mandated by federal guidelines), it could cause problems to go unnoticed. Because these issues should have been discovered and repaired, then the owner’s liability is increased.


However, when accidents involve a faulty truck part, the chain of liability may not end with the vehicle’s owner.

The Truck Manufacturer or Cargo Loader

When cargo falls off a truck and damages another vehicle or causes injury, the cargo loader and their employer may also be liable. There are detailed requirements for how a truck must be loaded that change depending on the size and weight of the truck. These requirements depend on the types of materials being transported and where they are being transported. Improperly loaded trucks can also affect a driver’s ability to safely operate their truck, increasing the risk of rollovers or preventing a driver from stopping quickly. 

In certain situations, truck accident liability may extend all the way to the manufacturer of a defective truck part. Defective parts or equipment can lead to devastating unsecured load accidents. If experts determine that the manufacturer’s negligence caused the failure of a part, then it may be added as a party to a lawsuit.

How An Unsecured Load Accident Attorney Can Help

Unsecured load accidents are complex, and in order to have the best possible outcome, you need to have the best legal minds on your side. At Farah & Farah, our team of experienced unsecured load attorneys have the resources and expertise to handle your case every step of the way. 


We will assist you with:

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Unsecured Load Accidents Can Be Devastating, Call Us Today

At Farah & Farah, we have been advocating for the rights of the injured for over 40 years. We have the expertise and resources to stand up to the trucking industry and their insurance companies. 


We want you to get the compensation you deserve. Don’t let them offer you a lowball settlement in order to sweep their negligence under the rug. 


Contact Farah & Farah today for a free, no-obligation case review. Our unsecured load attorneys are also available over the phone at (877) 245-6707.

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