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An underride truck accident is one of the most devastating types of truck accidents, and being involved in one can cause you to lose everything. When a vehicle goes under the rear carriage of a truck, it can cause critical injuries and even fatalities

If you or a family member was injured in an underride accident, you may not know what to do next. Medical bills may be piling up, you may be losing paychecks, and insurance companies may be harassing you. On top of it all, you’re dealing with physical and emotional hardships, and you just want things to go back to normal.

Hiring an underride truck accident lawyer from Farah & Farah can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us 24/7 at 877-245-6707 or contact us for a free case review.

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What is a Truck Underride Accident?

What exactly makes an underride truck accident so dangerous? Since the rear carriage of a truck sits higher than the average car, a vehicle may not have enough time to move out of the way when the truck brakes suddenly. This can cause the car to slide underneath the truck and sustain major damage.

There are two types of underride truck accidents: rear underride collisions and side underride collisions. Rear underride accidents occur when a vehicle crashes into the back of the truck. Side underride accidents occur when a vehicle gets pinned beneath the truck while it’s turning.  

How Carriage Underride Accidents Can Happen

With the sheer height difference between trucks and passenger vehicles, carriage underride accidents are one of the most deadly types of truck crashes. The back bumper of a truck is at eye level with a car driver’s head, leaving the passengers exposed to catastrophic injuries.

While there is no one cause of carriage underride accidents, they may involve the following factors:

Car Truck Collision

Federal Guidelines Exist to Prevent Underride Accidents

There are federal guidelines that seek to prevent carriage underride accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, impact guards with specific dimensions and requirements must be installed on most commercial trucking vehicles

Since the last time these guidelines were updated in 1996, these impact guards have proven to be very effective in preventing passenger vehicles from sliding beneath the truck. The success of rear guards has led to people wanting to implement side guards. However, there are no requirements for side guards, although this has been recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. 

These laws save lives and should be a priority among lawmakers and truckers alike. However, recent changes to these laws have been put on hold due to backlash from the American Trucking Association and other organizations. 

Unfortunately, while the fight for appropriate legislation is ongoing, carriage underride accident rates continue to climb

How Can A Carriage Underride Accident Lawyer Help?

Acting quickly after an underride accident is crucial because these cases tend to be lengthy or difficult to resolve. The faster you contact us for a free case review, the better your chances of getting the settlement you deserve.

Following these steps right after an underride accident can improve your final results and compensation. Once you hire our underride truck accident lawyers, we will:

Get a Free Case Review With a Carriage Underride Accident Attorney

No one should have to suffer the horror of traumatic and deadly underride accidents. If you or a loved one suffered injuries or death due to an underride accident, you deserve compensation. While no amount of money can atone for the pain that these accidents can cause, it can be a start to giving you and your family the financial resources to begin healing.

Farah & Farah’s underride truck accident lawyers have helped reclaim millions in damages for our clients. When you’re struggling with the consequences of an underride accident, trust Farah & Farah to handle your case. We have what it takes to stand up for you and fight for justice.

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