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Legal Aid

The Jacksonville Area Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm that provides legal services pro bono. Each year, Eddie and Chuck Farah, along with other attorneys from our firm, volunteer their time and resources to help with cases that are brought to Legal Aid. There is no right to an attorney for civil cases in the state of Florida. The cases can range from foreclosures to mental health.
Legal aid at Farah and Farah

We volunteer time and resources to help with cases that are brought to Legal Aid.

The Legal Aid has attorneys on staff but they also rely on other attorneys to volunteer their time to help people that walk through their doors. Eddie Farah believes that every person should have a right to seek justice. The legal system should not just be for the wealthy. Everyone deserves to have legal representation that they can afford. Legal Aid is one way to provide this service. Many cases that the Legal Aid assists with are not typically cases that work on a contingency basis. These cases would normally be charged by the hour at traditional law firms.

Farah & Farah has been involved with the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid for years. Our support ranges from financial to providing attorneys that volunteer. Lawyers from Farah & Farah donate time and efforts to interview clients and work their cases from the start to finish.

Our future goal is to help Legal Aid get more assistance to take on more cases. With more resources, financial and volunteering, the Legal Aid could help more people in need. We challenge other attorneys and firms in the area to support them. You could donate money or your time. We do both at Farah & Farah.