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I’m a Star Foundation

Farah & Farah has proudly supported the I’m A Star Foundation since it was established in 2010. As an acronym for “Smart, Talented And Resilient” youth, the foundation draws 35 student servant leaders from middle and high school across Duval County each year who develop solutions to improve their communities. We believe if we are able to help create future leaders in our community, then it will be a better place to live.

Betty Burney, the founder of the Foundation, is a motivational speaker, education consultant, and community leader. Farah & Farah stands with Ms. Burney in support of the Foundation’s many local efforts, which have focused on improving childhood obesity, food deserts, student homelessness, and literacy.
The Farah and Farah team with friends

Farah & Farah is helping the I’m A Star Foundation increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in “food deserts”, or those areas that are five or more miles away from a grocery store. The Rosa Parks Produce Market came into being after student leaders learned from the Duval County Health Department that their generation was the first on track to not outlive their parents.

Stop by the Rosa Parks Transit Station on Fridays to see this Produce Market in action. Thanks to the I’m A Star Foundation, busy downtown commuters have increased access to local produce and a healthy lifestyle. Chuck Farah believes that a “great community has great leaders. If we can help create the future leaders, then Jacksonville will be a better place to live.”

Another program Farah & Farah started with the I’m A Star Foundation is the Farah’s Readers Are Leaders, which bolstered the literacy skills in students whose reading levels are at or below the state of Florida’s proficiency level. As a Jacksonville native, Eddie Farah believes in the importance of earning a valuable education to achieve opportunities and brighter futures.

Farah & Farah’s support allowed the program to hire four teachers to bring “at risk” kids up to their reading level. Students attend tutoring sessions twice a week after school and four days a week during the summer.

“His commitment is unwavering,” says Betty Burney, Duval County school board member about Eddie Farah and his dedication to the Farah’s Readers Are Leaders program.

Farah & Farah attorney, John Thomas, recently attended the Foundation’s 2019 Youth Leadership Summit where he participated in anti-bullying discussions and provided feedback to students on their ideas to tackle the issue. “These students are so honest and innovative in their approach to solve problems, and to be leaders in our society and in their schools”, John said. As a proud sponsor, we look forward to watching the I’m A Star Foundation continue to shine bright.