Boat Operator Involved in Fatal Florida Boating Accident Charged

Posted on November 30, 2010

A boat operator from Deltona, who was behind the wheel of one of two boats involved in a Memorial Day crash in Volusia County, could be charged with three counts of careless operation for the accident that led to the death of three people, including an unborn child, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

An investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found the boat operator violated navigation rules regarding speed, proper lookout, and overtaking. Charges are forthcoming in the boating accident case that saw the 25-foot 1989 Chaparral run over the top of an 18-foot Sundance in New Smyrna Beach. Everyone on the two boats was related or friends. A 19-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed. They were riding in the smaller boat along with her 46-year-old father, who was also killed. All were from Deland. The FFWCC found the smaller boat was in front of the larger boat which suddenly accelerated when the operator was distracted by a passing sport boat. The smaller boat operator was aware of a pregnant woman on board and was following the speed limit.

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