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Airplane accidents are known for their relatively rare but disastrous mid-air occurrences; however, airplane accidents can be just as serious on the ground. Such accidents are much more common than you may believe and the International Civil Aviation Organization reports that one-third of all airplane accidents actually occur on the ground. The injuries suffered by victims in these accidents can be just as serious as a mid-air accident, with victims helpless to prevent such crashes or lessen the injuries that result. Farah & Farah’s Jacksonville airplane accident lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and ensuring that they receive the compensation needed to move past the injuries they suffer in these devastating accidents.

What Airplane Accidents Happen on the Ground?

All airplane accidents that occur during takeoff, landing, and maneuvering around the airport are considered on-ground accidents. During takeoff, a plane may fail to leave the ground or gain proper altitude, leading to a collision on the ground. A failed landing can also lead to a crash, either with a hazard on the runway or by colliding directly with the ground. Improper maneuvering of planes on the ground can cause the aircrafts to collide with each other at slow speeds or put one in the way of an ascending or descending plane, leading to a collision. Engine failure, fuel tank explosion, and landing gear failure are frequent factors in many of these occurrences. Also, planes can collide with other vehicles, such as cars, on the airport tarmac and the sheer force of a jet engine is enough to send a light vehicle flying through the air.

Causing Airplane Ground Accidents

Because the maneuvering of airplanes on and above airports requires the coordination of several people, including pilots and air traffic control crew, a single error can result in a devastating accident. Air traffic control is meant to coordinate all planes so that takeoff and landing occur smoothly and with all planes a safe distance away. Additionally, pilots are required to operate their planes carefully and with regard to the safety of everyone inside and nearby the aircraft. Equipment failure can present serious hazards as well in a wide variety of forms. A plane’s landing gear may fail on takeoff or landing, instruments may malfunction and give a false reading of speed and altitude, sonar for air traffic control may give a false reading of a nearby aircraft, and a communications failure can cause planes to be uncoordinated. All of these errors can cause planes to collide with one another or other hazards on the ground.

Jacksonville Plane Accident on the Ground Attorneys Dedicated to Ending Your Losses

Should you be injured in a plane crash or lose a loved one in such an accident, the losses suffered can be devastating. In order to gain fair and full compensation in order to move forward from the accident, the Jacksonville plane accident on the ground attorneys with Farah & Farah can provide you with caring legal representation. For more information on how we can apply our skills to your possible case, call our offices at 877-245-6707.

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