Hurricane Matthew

If Hurricane Matthew caused damage to your home, condo, or business, call us to make sure that you get everything you are entitled to under your homeowners or business insurance plan. This applies to renters insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, etc.

Do not wait for them to reject your claim. The insurance company adjusters can be extremely busy and may not give you an accurate estimate. At Farah and Farah, we hire our own adjusters to ensure you are treated fairly. Call us at 877-245-6707 so we can help


Business Claims from HURRICANE DAMAGE

If you own a business and have suffered damage from Hurricane Matthew, the last thing you want to deal with is the insurance company. As a business owner your focus should be on getting things back up and running and making sure your employees are OK. Get the support you deserve by letting Farah and Farah handle your insurance claim. Call us today at 877-245-6707 so we can get started.

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