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Larry Huttman Secures 345k Settlement
Farah & Farah Secures $345,000 Settlement After Tragic Motorcycle Accident
In February of 2023, a motorcycle accident occurred in Nassau County, Florida near Fernandina Beach. In less than a year of trial negotiations, a policy limits settlement of $345,000 was secured after both parties in the accident tragically died. Personal injury attorney Larry Huttman led the Farah & Farah team in Jacksonville in this case and persevered …
When a Driver Pulled Out in Front, Our Team Took Up the Fight
After a driver suddenly pulled out in front of a young woman, the property damage was all insurance wanted to pay. Digging through the case revealed extensive injuries and a clear need for a better settlement. Savannah personal injury attorney Bradley Robinson and his team transformed a low-balled offer into a $490,000 win for our client. We …
Matt Grossman & Frank Fratello Win 800k for Client in Highway Crash
When the Insurance Company Refused To Pay, Our Team Stepped In
After our client’s car accident, the insurance company refused to even pay the at-fault driver’s policy limits to cover our client’s medical bills. When the insurance company low-balls a claim, our firm goes high and car accident attorneys and leaders of the firm’s trial team Matt Grossman and Frank Fratello stepped in to take the case to …

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