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an attorney with a sign saying no win no fee to describe contingency fees
Understanding Contingency Fees
Navigating the legal world can be daunting, especially when you’re experiencing some of the most difficult times of your life. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, for example, and the insurance company isn’t willing to pay what you deserve for your medical costs and lost wages, you may already be short on money. In a …
Larry huttman reflections from attorney banner
Farah & Farah Wins Carpal Tunnel Medical Malpractice Case
In December 2023, a difficult medical malpractice case finally found resolution. After eighteen grueling months, the opposition confidentially resolved the case of John and Jane Doe after John Doe suffered a high-grade tear of his median nerve during carpal tunnel surgery. Personal injury attorney Larry Huttman led the Farah & Farah team on this case in Florida with unwavering …
Flooded Las Olas Blvd and Palm trees blowing in the winds, catas
What to Expect with Hurricane Insurance
After a hurricane, it’s common for Florida residents to have difficulty with insurance companies. Insurance companies are processing thousands of claims at once and, as is unfortunately too often the case, may try to lowball estimates to get out of paying what they should. On top of that, hurricane claims can be confusing, and insurance companies may …

Do I Have An Ozempic Case?