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Social Security Disability

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Social Security Administration Using Outdated Information in Denials Decisions
Qualifying for disability benefits can be a difficult process. You have to go through the application procedure and undergo an assessment to determine whether your condition qualifies as a disability. There might be multiple denials and appeals. The process isn’t made any easier by the fact that the Social Security Administration is basing its decision on a …
Unemployment Benefits Made Available For Workers Fired After Refusing Vaccine
States Moving to Protect Unvaccinated Workers Four different states, including Florida, have made changes to their unemployment insurance laws in order to provide protection for employees who have refused vaccine mandates. By being able to collect jobless benefits, unvaccinated workers who oppose their employer’s requirements for vaccination now have remedies under their state’s laws to be compensated …
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How to Pass a Disability Exam
If you have applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and now the Social Security Administration (SSA) has scheduled you to see “their doctor,” don’t panic.  This is known as a “consultative examination” (CE).  The SSA will schedule a doctor of their choosing to examine you if they feel like they need more information to properly decide …