Car Crash Injury Lawyers

I-95 and I-75 are corridors that see millions of vehicles traversing their lengths as they run between Florida and Georgia. The seemingly never-ending stream of motorized vehicles runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even local roads are seeing increased traffic volumes as more people means more cars, which puts strains on existing, aging systems. The situation is unfortunately ripe for increased chances of a crash occurring between one or more vehicles. With fatalities numbering in the thousands and an even greater number of injuries occurring each year for drivers in Florida and Georgia, an auto injury lawyer can provide victims and their loved ones the expert legal support needed to navigate the road to recovery. 


Helping car accident injury victims has been at the core of what we do at Farah and Farah for more than four decades now. When you, or someone you care for, has been in any sort of car crash, from terrible fatalities to minor fender-benders, our team has the experience to prudently help recover everything that was lost – physically and materially. Had an accident? Talk with our skilled intake specialists to start your case today.


Car Accident Injury Claims

Even minor car accidents can cost thousands of dollars worth of repairs to make a vehicle drivable again. When that vehicle is a sole proprietor’s livelihood or a single-mothers only way to get to work and get her kids home from school, the loss of the vehicle can prove to be an incredible hardship. The at-fault party in an accident needs to be held accountable. However, very rarely does legal action in car accidents involve the responsible individual directly, but rather the individual’s insurance carrier. 


Insurance carriers’ business model involves taking premiums, investing them, making money on the profits, and then limiting the number of expenditures they have to pay out on claims. Claims managers are skilled at negotiating down a claim’s real cost. Tactics include underpaying, delaying, outright threatening, and simply ceasing communications altogether. The stories our experienced car accident injury attorneys could tell of this wanton disregard for doing what’s right and refusing to pay a fair amount on a claim to a crash victim would be enough to make most people’s blood boil. 


With the full weight of the responsible party’s insurance carrier stacked against victims, justice comes in the form of a diligent accident attorney and a team of dedicated specialists building a strong car accident injury claim. Farah and Farah deploys savvy investigators who know the tricks of the trade and know the exact evidence to seek and preserve in a car accident. We can piece together what happened, document all costs involved – taking into account not just the cost of the car repairs but additional considerations we call “human costs”. 


Items like: 

  • the car’s contents (think cellphones, purse, clothes, shoes, and other valuables); 
  • the cost of not being able to work;
  • the price of never being able to participate in a beloved hobby again; 
  • living life with a pain that never goes away;
  • and many others. 


These demonstrable costs are all accounted for by the skilled men and women that comprise our auto accident practice area. After forty years in business, our team has gotten really good at what they do. From the most complex car accident cases to a minor crash, our auto injury lawyers have the experience and resources to start building your case for maximum compensation today.


A Car Accident Injury Law Firm You Can Trust

When your world has been upended from a car crash, the last thing that should be on your mind is the anxiety of having to handle negotiating medical bills, insurance payments, rental cars, and the multitude of other decisions that need to be acted upon. Our team shoulders this burden, making themselves open and available through every step of the recovery process so you can focus on healing. 


Our car accident injury lawyers are wholly on your side. We opened our doors in our hometown in North Florida 40 years ago to help the friends and neighbors we saw being mistreated by corporate bullies. Often, insurance carriers’ claims adjusters try to make you feel like you are trying to get something that’s not due to you. We know this is flat out wrong, that this accident was in no way your fault, and that “getting back to normal” is so much more than just fixing a car. 


When you have legal questions, we’ll provide a completely free consultation to walk you through all your options in your auto accident injury case.