Why You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability payments can be a godsend for those dealing with a disability. Unfortunately, individuals can face many obstacles to receiving disability payments when they are needed. Even after determining eligibility and applying for disability payments, many applicants may need to contend with a denied claim.

A Jacksonville Social Security Disability lawyer at Farah & Farah can help you obtain disability payments. We can assess your eligibility and help you navigate the complex process, providing you with the best opportunity for receiving the compensation you need.

When you are dealing with a disability, you already have a lot on your plate. Allow the Social Security Disability attorneys at Farah & Farah to take some of the burden off you by handling your disability claim. You have enough to worry about, let us deal with the government.

What a Jacksonville Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Do for You

If you are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) payments, an SSD lawyer can help you with the following tasks:

  • Assess Eligibility: Eligibility for SSD payments is determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Your attorney can assess your claim based on the same factors the SSA uses, which include the type and severity of your disability.
  • Initial Application: Your SSD lawyer can prepare and submit your application for SSD benefits.  A strong application will give you the best chance of approval. Your attorney should ensure the application is complete and includes all relevant information.
  • Make a Case for Claim Approval:  Your attorney can communicate with SSA on your behalf during the claims process. If the SSA requests new information or medical documentation of your disability, your SSD lawyer can ensure the request is satisfied promptly.
  • Appeal a Denied Claim: Approximately 60 percent of initial SSD applications are denied, which means your SSD lawyer will likely need to appeal the denial. A request for the reconsideration is the first step, followed by an SSA hearing if that is unsuccessful.

The Importance of the Initial Application for Social Security Disability

Your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits is key to the success of your claim. Incomplete applications are a common reason for denials, so you do not want to submit an inadequate application and hurt your chances of approval.

A Social Security Disability attorney can gather all the necessary information for the application. This information includes written documentation of numerous items, including personal information, taxes, income, prior work history, and medical documentation of your disability. The lawyer can also respond to SSA requests for more information or documentation during the claims process.

At Farah & Farah, our attorneys will prepare and submit the initial application for you.  We do not charge any fee unless your disability claim is granted.  There is no need to wait until your application is denied before you hire us since we handle Social Security Disability claims from the beginning.

Farah & Farah Will Do All the Work for Your Social Security Disability Claim

When you hire Farah & Farah to handle your Social Security Disability claim, you are bringing on a full range of services. We will do all the work for your claim, including obtaining medical records from your doctor and hiring any needed experts.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys can arrange the following expert evaluations to support your disability claim:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation: We can locate a doctor to provide this evaluation, which measures your ability to perform work-like activities.
  • Independent Medical Examination: An independent medical examination (IME) is an examination by a doctor who has never treated you before but is certified to perform a disability analysis.
  • Vocational Evaluation: Since the government often has vocational experts to testify at the hearings on Social Security Disability claims, it may be advisable to fight fire with fire. We can locate and hire a vocational expert to perform an evaluation of you prior to the hearing, then testify at the hearing on your behalf.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Our firm can arrange this evaluation to test for psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders. The evaluation can provide an assessment of your mental status and any necessary work restrictions.
  • Neuropsychological Examination: This examination can test conditions such as concentration and memory problems. This is especially helpful for disabling conditions which cause cognitive deficits, such as traumatic brain injuries or strokes.

Not all of these experts and evaluations will be needed for every case. However, the attorneys at Farah & Farah stand ready to arrange any type of expert assistance or evaluation that will help prove your disability claim.

Consult a Jacksonville Social Security Disability Lawyer at Farah & Farah

If you are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, speak with a Jacksonville Social Security Disability lawyer at Farah & Farah. We fight for the rights of our injured clients every day, and we can fight for the disability benefits you deserve. Contact Farah & Farah today.