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Construction is a never-ending season in Florida. If you’ve been injured in a construction zone accident, you may have to face high medical bills and take time off work resulting in lost wages. If your accident was due to someone else’s negligence, you may deserve compensation.

Our passionate Tampa construction zone accident attorneys will take the time to get to know you and will always treat you with dignity and honesty.

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How We Can Help

When you choose to work with Farah & Farah Tampa personal injury lawyers, you are putting your trust in a legal team that cares. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Handle property damage free of charge so you aren’t out of a vehicle.
  • Our investigators will gather evidence from the accident scene, interview witnesses, request case files from police and get to the bottom of the unsafe conditions in a construction zone that led to your accident.
  • We will make sure that you have appropriate medical care for your injuries from doctors that will properly document your injuries.
  • Negotiate payment of medical providers on your behalf getting you the best rates so that you can take home more of your settlement.
  • Let us take care of all the paperwork for you.

Common Hazards in Construction Zones

Construction zone accidents happen for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Uneven pavement creating dangerous drop-off of the roadway.
  • Misplaced concrete barriers.
  • Confusing lane markings.
  • Warning signs that should have been erected.

Types of Collisions in Construction Zones

The most common type of collisions in construction zones are rear-end crashes occurring on roads with a speed greater than 50 miles per hour. These crashes involve more damage because of the speed involved.

Also, common are incidents caused when a distracted driver fails to notice an impending change in conditions like a road hazard, lane ending, or speed change.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that eighty-five percent of work zone fatalities involve drivers and passengers in vehicles—but constructions workers are in danger of succumbing to fatalities caused by run or backovers, getting hit by a car, being caught between accidents, or being struck by objects.

Damages Available

The potential damages available depend on whether you are a worker or a driver. Generally, a worker will have to go through workers’ compensation but in cases where the employer has been reckless with safety standards, there may be exceptions. It is always best to seek the advice of an experienced construction zone accident attorney in Tampa to make sure that you are getting all of the damages you may be entitled to from all of the negligent parties.

Find Relief with a Tampa Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Whether you are a driver, passenger or worker injured on the job in a construction zone Farah & Farah is here to help.  We have the resources to support you through your injuries and allow you to focus on the healing process. Call us today and we will get the process started.

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