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Almost everywhere you look around Jacksonville, you see construction signs, poorly maintained roads, or thoughtlessly planned highway work zones. These hazards cause unnecessary vehicle crashes practically every day. Florida is within the top five states with the highest cost from crashes that result from dangerous roads under construction. In 2020, dangerous streets accounted for more damages than speeding and intoxicated driving combined. 

If you were involved in a car accident that didn’t involve another driver, you might think you have no recourse. The fact is: if dangerous road conditions caused your accident, then you deserve justice

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The people who did this to you should be held responsible. Farah & Farah have helped many people find the best path forward. Get started by scheduling your free case review or calling our Jacksonville roadway liability attorneys at (904) 549-6434

What Kinds of Hazards Cause Dangerous Roadway Accidents?

Hazardous road conditions put every driver’s life at risk. Unfortunately, these hazards are an all too common threat to motorists. 

Common types of hazardous roadway conditions include: 

Some hazards are a result of construction companies that don’t follow the correct protocols establishing a site. Construction companies must warn oncoming drivers with visible signage. Sadly, collisions are much more likely without these warnings. 

Lastly, many hazards occur at intersections. Running a red light is often the cause. Other times, the at-fault party did not see a stop sign and careened through an intersection.

Can These Hazards Be Improved?

There are over 45,000 miles of road throughout the U.S. interstate system. However, simple projects like making markers easier to read and accurately marking the pavement would dramatically improve our roads. 

Other design improvements would include:

With a federal stimulus package encouraging more highway construction, motorists need to be mindful of the potential for hazardous roadways, and construction companies need to take motorist safety seriously.

Jacksonville Roadway Liability: Who is Responsible?​

You may be wondering who is responsible for a car accident that doesn’t involve a negligent driver? Dangerous road conditions can be attributed to: 

Getting justice after a dangerous roadway accident can be difficult. The State of Florida observes a legal doctrine that prevents its citizens from suing their government. These stipulations grant Florida “sovereign immunity” in legal matters, which means the state has protections against many types of legal action. 

However, sovereign immunity doesn’t mean that the government has complete protection from legal action. 


Exceptions to Sovereign Immunity

Usually, sovereign immunity applies to the government’s choice of where they allocate funds. However, it may not apply when contractors or government workers fail to do their job sufficiently. 

According to Florida Statutes section 768.28, you can launch a claim against a government entity if they create a dangerous condition that causes your accident. A Jacksonville roadway liability attorney may argue that the government’s failure to react amounts to operational failure.

How Can Our Jacksonville Hazardous Roadway Accident Attorneys Help?

After a dangerous road accident, you need to focus on what matters most: recovering from your injuries. However, you may feel too weighed down by the mountains of paperwork and your skyrocketing bills to be able to recover properly. 

The best way to get justice after a car accident is to hire an experienced attorney. The fact is, you need an experienced attorney to get to the bottom of your case. Hazardous roadway cases require hiring someone who knows exactly what doors to knock on while seeking your recovery. 

We are prepared to take care of every step of the way, including: 

For over 40 years, people across Jacksonville — and beyond — have turned to Farah & Farah for help. Our Jacksonville roadway liability attorneys are passionate about setting things right. That’s why we will argue cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients won’t owe a cent unless we win their case. 

If You’ve Been Injured Because Of Dangerous Roadway Conditions in Jacksonville, Call Us Today​

A car accident can turn your world upside down. We think someone should be held responsible when hazardous roads cause unnecessary suffering. 

Your pain deserves time and attention

If you — or someone you care about — have been injured in a car accident due to hazardous road conditions, then you owe it to yourself to speak with a Jacksonville roadway liability  attorney as soon as possible. 

Join the countless people across Florida and Georgia that have relied on Farah & Farah’s accident investigators to help them figure out their next steps. 

We are available 24/7 at our Jacksonville location at (904) 549-6434. You can also schedule a free, no-obligation case review. 

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