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Hurricane Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Let’s get the insurance payment you deserve.

You’re entitled to a payment – and a return to normalcy.

Everything changed when you heard the storm was coming. You did what you could to protect your home from water and wind. Then you got out of town. In spite of your efforts, your home suffered serious damage.

You were counting on your insurer or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to pay your claim – all of it. But now they’re playing games. Not paying enough. Not paying anything. Not honoring the terms of your policy. Not communicating with you.

Whatever the case, it’s time to level the playing field and make your insurer pay you what you’re owed. An experienced Florida hurricane insurance dispute attorney can help you get the payment you deserve. That way, you can repair the damage to your property without financial hardship. And finally make your home – and your life – feel normal again.

One big storm doesn’t have to wipe out your finances.

If you’re worried about paying for damaged property that was supposed to be covered by insurance, that’s not right. You shouldn’t be on the hook for those expenses – your insurer should.

When your Florida or Georgia home was damaged by a hurricane, we can connect you with an attorney who will help you:

  • Resolve the dispute and fight for your complete claim payment
  • Investigate all property damage and perform a thorough on-site assessment to build the strongest possible case
  • Obtain a settlement that pays for storm-related expenses that are covered by your policy
  • Avoid dipping into your savings to pay for damage that your insurer is required to cover
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What your flood insurance does and doesn’t cover

If you have private flood insurance or an NFIP policy, your policy probably covers:

  • Contents: Your insurance will pay the “actual cash value” for contents of your home that were lost or damaged.
  • Property: In most cases, your policy will pay for 80 to 100 percent of the full replacement cost of your home. More specifically, it will cover the cost to rebuild your home without subtracting depreciation.

Keep in mind that your policy may not cover things like:

  • Water damage from inside your home, such as from burst pipes, or from swimming pools, hot tubs, or landscaping malfunctions
  • Flooding that covers fewer than two acres or only affects your property
  • Living expenses related to property damage, such as hotel stays
  • Financial losses due to disruptions to a business run from home
  • The value of lost currency or papers, such as stocks or bond certificates
  • Improvements and contents in below-ground areas, like basements


Other hurricane-related expenses may or may not be covered by your homeowners’ policy or another insurance policy.

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