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May 31, 2017

Which Occupations Are Most Likely to Cause Serious Work Injuries in Orlando, Florida?


When you imagine a dangerous job, you might consider construction workers and police officers. These are certainly hazardous occupations, but the truth is that you can be injured on any job. Even office workers, teachers, and waitresses suffer from work-related injuries. Yet, when it comes to discussing the most dangerous jobs in Orlando, Florida, and throughout the US, there are absolutely some jobs that are more likely to result in serious injuries than others. In this article, we will get a snapshot of the most hazardous jobs in the United States and see how Florida’s most dangerous jobs fit.

Occupations with the Most Work Related Injuries and Deaths in the United States

With close to 130 deaths per 100K workers in the US, many people want to know which jobs are most likely to cause injury or death. In some cases, you may want to avoid such occupations. In other cases, you may simply want to know how much life insurance to purchase or how much your time and your risk ought to be worth if you take such a job. Following are the top ten most dangerous jobs in the US:

  1. Fishing Industry: You might not imagine that fishing would be among the top ten dangerous jobs in the US, but the fact is that the weather and equipment used can be hazardous. Keep in mind that the fishing industry is not much like your average recreational fishing experience. The fishing industry involves going out in all weather and collecting thousands of fish, rather than relaxing on a boat and waiting for a bite.
  2. Logging Industry: The logging industry is a hazardous job that probably doesn’;t surprise you as one of the most dangerous in the US. Naturally, loggers are working at heights, in inclement weather, and with heavy machinery. Loggers are at risk of falling or having trees fall on them. They are also at risk of a multitude of different types of machinery malfunctioning.
  3. The Aircraft Pilot Industry: Naturally, anyone who is working at such a great height and with such a heavy and complicated craft as a pilot is at risk of injury. Whether it is the failure of the equipment, the bad weather, or the pilot’s mistake, this is a dangerous job.
  4. Agricultural Industry: The agricultural industry, including farmers and ranchers, is risky for multiple reasons. Not only do these workers use heavy and dangerous machinery, but they also work with animals that could quickly become an injury risk in the right conditions.
  5. Mining Industry: Another unsurprising entry on this list is the mining industry. This is not just because miners work in difficult and dangerous conditions, but also because they use complicated machinery that can be deadly if it malfunctions.
  6. Construction Industry: Construction is one of the first things that you think of when you think of dangerous jobs. The most at-risk workers in construction are the roofers, though any construction worker could fall from a height or be injured by machinery.
  7. Sanitation/Recycling Industry: This is one you might not have considered as being among the top ten dangerous jobs in the United States. Yet, the reality is that sanitation and recycling workers are at risk of auto accidents and machinery accidents, too.
  8. Commercial Vehicle and Delivery Industry: Any job that involves a lot of driving, or driving as the primary activity is going to be hazardous because of the potential for auto accidents. This is absolutely true of commercial vehicles and delivery drivers. It is even riskier in cases where the driver is operating a very large or difficult to maneuver vehicle.
  9. Machine Repair Industry: Machinery repair workers are often not thought of at all. We expect our machines to work the way they are supposed to, and we only think of the repair workers when things go wrong. However, once you consider these workers, it is easy to see why they would be at great risk of injury, working with complex and hazardous machines that are already malfunctioning or working incorrectly.
  10. Law Enforcement Industry: Finally, we come to another one of the most frequently thought of jobs that come to mind when you consider dangerous work. Police officers can be going through a typical and routine day without any cause for alarm when the worst case scenario happens. A simple traffic stop can become dangerous very quickly. When it comes to responding to distress calls and domestic violence situations, things become even more dangerous.

Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in Orlando, Florida, the Same as Those Throughout the US?

Many of the most dangerous jobs in Orlando, Florida, are the same as those that are most dangerous throughout the United States. However, there are some differences in order and a few that are not listed as the most dangerous in the US:

  1. Commercial Vehicle and Delivery Industry: This is number eight in the US and number one in Florida. Naturally, anyone who drives for their occupation is at risk of auto accidents.
  2. Construction Industry: This is number six in the US and number two in Florida.
  3. Grounds Maintenance Industry: This occupation is not listed in the most dangerous jobs in the United States, but is a hazardous job in Florida. This is in part due to dangerous animals that may be encountered during grounds maintenance in Florida, and in part due to the machinery.
  4. Law Enforcement Industry: Police officers are more at risk of injury and death in Florida than they are throughout the United States. On the US list, they come in at number ten. In Florida, they are in the fourth most hazardous occupation.
  5. Management and Sales Industry: This occupation may come as a surprise as number five on Florida’s list of most dangerous jobs. Unfortunately, supervisors, managers, and sales workers are at risk of injury from lifting heavy objects, slip and fall injuries, and even armed robbery.
  6. Furniture Moving Industry: Individuals who move furniture are at risk of injury from lifting, hauling, and dropping heavy objects. They are also frequently at risk for auto accidents.
  7. Electrician Industry: Orlando, Florida, electricians are susceptible to electrocution and electrical burn injuries. While they are trained to handle electricity in a safe manner, they are still working closely with a very dangerous hazard.
  8. Building Cleaning Industry: Occupations in the building cleaning industry include janitors, window washers, and building housekeepers. These individuals are at risk of falls, injuries from malfunctioning machinery, and even chemical exposure.
  9. Machine Repair Industry: This is listed at number nine in the United States and in Orlando, Florida, as a hazardous occupation. Naturally, those who repair machines are working with dangerous equipment and it is already malfunctioning when they arrive.
  10. Agricultural Industry: Listed at number four in the United States and number ten in Florida, the agricultural industry involves hazards related to animals and machinery.

Were You Injured on the Job in Orlando, Florida?

Regardless of whether or not you work in one of these most dangerous industries, anyone at any job can be injured. If you have sustained any work related injuries in Orlando, Florida, call Farah & Farah to learn about about your rights and options for recovering workers’ compensation benefits. Contact our dedicated Florida workers’ compensation lawyers today. We can help you!

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