What You Need to Know if You Take Invokana for Diabetes in Orlando, Florida

Posted on July 10, 2017

If you take Invokana for diabetes (or Invokamet or Invokamet XR), then there’s some valuable new information of which you need to be aware. Invokana is produced by Johnson & Johnson, which is a huge manufacturer of medications, medical devices, and various products around the globe. In May, the company was informed by the United States Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, that they had to put new warning labels on the Invokana medication and all variations of the drug. The FDA is a regulatory agency which ensures that medications, foods, and other products are safe for consumer consumption. This new guideline was issued not long after it was discovered that a talcum powder, produced by the same company, caused ovarian cancer in a woman in Missouri. The Missouri woman was awarded $110 million for her damages by a jury, just two weeks before the Invokana decision. Johns & Johnson was granted a mistrial because of the location where the lawsuit was filed, and the story continues as they attempt to reach a conclusion. Yet, the decision concerning Invokana was not about ovarian cancer, but a medical risk that was demonstrated in two extensive clinical trials.

What Must Invokana Warn Users About in Orlando, Florida, and Around the United States?

The new order for Johnson & Johnson concerning Invokana and all related medications is to add a black

box warning that taking the drug (canagliflozin) could increase their risk of amputation. Two large clinical trials revealed that leg and foot amputations were much more likely for those who take Invokana and other medications derived from this drug. The black box warning is the highest level of warning that the FDA requires for medications that are produced or sold inside of the United States. The two clinical trials were CANVAS and CANVAS-R. They showed that these leg and foot amputations were nearly twice as likely to happen when patients took this medication. The studies were intended for a larger study on the effects of the medication on the heart. Johnson & Johnson initiated the study and hoped to reveal that the medication was perfectly safe. Unfortunately, they discovered the opposite. Further, it was not the first time that these concerns had been raised.

A Brief History of Invokana in the Legal System with Amputations

In the past, Invokana has been under much scrutiny because of its side effects and the apparent increase in amputation risk among those who took the drug. There have been multiple lawsuits from those who experienced a variety of different side effects from taking Invokana, and one of those side effects included getting leg and foot amputations.

How Johnson & Johnson is Dealing with Legal Issues and Safety Issues for Multiple Products

Johnson & Johnson has been facing a lot of legal issues because of the safety (or lack of safety) of their medications, their various consumer goods, and their medical devices, all around the world. Just last year, there were multiple lawsuits concerning the risks of ovarian cancer arising from Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, Johnson & Johnson’s Shower-to-Shower Body Powder, and other similar products. The aforementioned lawsuit from the woman in Missouri is just one example of these cases. While the mistrial was declared, based on the location of the lawsuit, it is highly likely that she will succeed again and will get a similar verdict to pay for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.  She is far from the only one in the United States or around the world to be seeking compensation for similar medical issues related to these products. The company has already had to pay over $300 million in such lawsuits, and there have been multiple studies that confirm the link between them and ovarian cancer. Even so, the company has not stopped making these products and continues to state that they are safe to use.

How Diabetes is Also Related to Ovarian Cancer in Orlando, Florida, and Around the World

Many people do not realize that ovarian cancer is also a general risk of having diabetes. So, aside from the potential for amputation associated with Invokana and related drugs, it is important for those who have diabetes to avoid using these talcum based products that are produced by Johnson & Johnson and other companies. Many people use these products for babies, for feminine hygiene, and for various other applications. Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes would be wise to avoid these products, and if you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using such products, then you should contact the Orlando, Florida, personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah for a free consultation.

Is it Safe for You to Keep Taking Invokana to Treat Your Diabetes in Orlando, Florida?

Even though there are serious risks of taking Invokana and similar drugs to treat your diabetes in Orlando, Florida, leading to the new black label warning, you should also be aware that the drug has not been recalled or pulled from the market. Thus, it is still considered safe to use for the most part. By taking Invokana, you have a much greater chance of needing a foot or leg amputation, but it is important to put this into perspective. Out of 1,000 people, the CANVAS and CANVAS-R studies revealed that six to eight would end up having such an amputation. This shows that the vast majority of individuals who take it are not going to need an amputation. You must be aware of the risks, but also be aware of the potential benefits of the medication. Talk to your doctor about it and do not stop taking any medication without first discussing this and the alternatives with a physician.

Guidelines for Those Who Take Invokana to Treat Diabetes in Orlando, Florida

The most important thing for those who take Invokana to treat diabetes in Orlando, Florida, and around the world is to follow these guidelines (set by the FDA) when doing so:

  • Make your doctor aware of any new pains, tenderness, infections, ulcers, or sores that occur in your legs, in your feet, or anywhere else on your body.
  • Talk to your doctor before attempting to stop taking Invokana or switching to something else.
  • Be aware that any history of amputation, ulcers, neuropathy, or vascular disease could put you at greater risk of having an amputation while being on Invokana.

Contact the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah if you have any adverse effects with Invokana.

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