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October 9, 2012

Study Finds Tanning Beds May Cause 170,000 Skin Cancer Cases a Year in U.S.

You may want to think twice about going to your local tanning salon to develop that golden glow — especially if you are younger.

According to a new study released by researchers at UC San Francisco, over 170,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer per year in the United States can be attributed to the use of indoor tanning beds.

The study found that tanning beds users are 29 percent more likely to develop basal cell carcinoma and 67 percent more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma. Usually, these kinds of cancer are non-malignant — but don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet: according to U.S. Health News, these same cancers can spread to the lymph nodes or bones and can become fatal.

The researchers also looked at a trio of reports that examined the ages of tanners, and concluded that those who used tanning beds when they were younger — 25 years old and under — raised their risk of developing skin cancer to an even higher level.

Last year, California became the first state to ban those under 18 from using tanning beds. Current Florida law allows teens 14 to 18 to use tanning beds with a parent’s permission and those younger than 14 to do so if accompanied by a parent. There are still 15 U.S. states that have no restrictions on their use.

Dr. Kim Merkel, a chief dermatology resident at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, told the Gainesville Sun that he’d like to see more states follow California’s lead. “Any exposure to a tanning bed is harmful,” he stated. “I don’t condone any of it.”

If you developed a skin cancer that can be directly attributed to use of a tanning bed, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Call the Daytona Beach personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah for a free and confidential review of your case. We’re can be reached at (866) 794-7530.


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